Modern project management needs a new profile of project manager

Concepts such as business agility or digital transformation are part of the daily vocabulary of any IT professional.

By Ricardo Usaola, Country Manager, CA Iberia

There is no organization that has not considered and discussed updating their work style. Today’s organisations navigate in an economic context that changes at an accelerated pace, and their users and customers demand a best-class experience and unique value. That´s why modern companies are increasingly relying on collaborative environments that enable their teams to respond faster and with agility.

A quick and agile response to changing market needs goes with equally dynamic projects, that have to be perfectly orchestrated by project managers. They are responsible for allocating the available resources, controlling an always limited budget, and leading the project team towards the product delivery within time and budget. Not an easy task if you don’t have the right profile or skills. According to PMI’s Pulse of the Profession report 2018, “organizations around the world waste a million dollars every 20 seconds for not applying Project Management methodologies.”

But what knowledge, skills and experience about methodologies and technology need today’s project managers to meet both the requirements of a project and the expectations of customers?

Without any doubt, a systemic vision of the project that puts the client in the center. This vision includes the classic skills of organizational capacity, leadership, communication and negotiation skills, anticipation of problems and technical knowledge of the project to be executed. In addition, the project manager needs the technology tools that will assist them to manage the project life cycle: from ideation and development, to realization and completion; from innovation, to strategic investments.

To help project management professionals learn modern practices and technologies, CA Technologies has partnered in Spain with the European University of Valencia, and the project management leader OdPe to deliver a Master’s Degree course in Project Management. Starting in November, this online course, recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and endorsed by National Agency for the Evaluation of Quality and Accreditation (ANECA), offers Spanish-speaking professionals the opportunity to be trained in key methodologies to help modern organizations achieve better results.

Theory, practice and official certifications

The master’s program is designed for professionals who are proactive, willing to assuming responsibilities, want to be involved in the organization dynamics, and want to learn how to approach problem solving.  The course combines project management lectures with practice sessions using the market leading tool CA PPM. All participants will be able to apply for professional certifications such as PMP, Prince2, Scrum and Portfolio Management. For more information, visit

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