Application Performance Management 

Navigating the maze of end user experience solutions

How to use APM to manage customer satisfaction and deliver inspiring app user experiences.

Applications have become the very heart and soul of business. In today’s application economy, you have mere seconds to impress your user, similar to speed dating.

App outages aren’t IT issues

Enterprises cannot afford to experience service problems, because application outages aren’t IT issues, they’re satisfaction and retention issues.

Application Performance Management (APM) solutions like those offered by CA can help organizations to proactively manage customer satisfaction and deliver app experiences that inspire end users.

The shifting value of APM

Application ecosystems have become more complex and the value of APM has shifted from the application to the transaction.

The transaction is no longer confined by the application and can traverse multiple composite applications before being displayed on the user’s device. For this reason, transaction monitoring has become user-centric and more sophisticated.

It’s time to see what users see…

Recently, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) published a whitepaper “What Are Your Apps Saying About Your Company” that offers clarity to these discussions and provides insight as well as advice to organizations on selecting a solution that best meets their needs.

According to the research, the opportunity to provide a superior performance and application experience will only exist for those CIOs who have the ability to find and share the right application performance data with right internal experts who are in positions to act swiftly and proactivity.

With the right application performance management capabilities in place, successful CIOs can proactively identify and remedy potential trouble spots before any customer facing issues arise.

To learn more, download a complimentary copy of the EMA Whitepaper.

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