Pedal power: Stepping up a gear with Trek-Segafredo

CA Technologies today announced a partnership with Trek’s professional cycling team, Trek-Segafredo.

CA will help the team to both collaborate and deliver product performance feedback in real-time. The team will be able to speed up development processes for its products using CA’s agile management technology.

CA’s brand will also be seen at many high profile UCI events, including the three Grand Tours of the Giro d’ Italia, the Tour de France and the Vuelta a Espana, as well as the Japan Cup events and at more than 200 race days per year.

Trek is a multinational bicycle and cycling product manufacturer whose professional cycling team, Trek-Segafredo, competes across the world in 21 countries on four continents.

In the application economy, every organization – from global finance firms to cycling teams – is in the software business. Trek-Segafredo shares many of the same attributes of CA’s customers: they are a high-performing team operating in a highly competitive, data-driven environment, where communication and collaboration is critical.

It’s no surprise that many of CA’s customers also have a keen interest in cycling.

Giving the team a competitive edge through technology

Running a professional cycling team is an incredibly complex activity. The team must coordinate multiple groups of people, across time zones and continents. It’s a logistically intense environment that relies heavily on personnel communicating and collaborating effectively.

Today, the team does this with spreadsheets, emails and a variety of disconnected tools. At CA that’s what we help our customers with every day.

So how exactly is CA helping Trek-Segafredo to improve their performance?

First, we’re rolling out CA agile management software – starting with CA Flowdock –  to team support personnel, marketing and the riders themselves who will use our software in their day to day communication and collaboration.

There will be a single place for team members to collaborate and communicate.  This will allow the racing team to function more smoothly and respond to changes faster.

In the second phase, we’ll be focusing on R&D feedback cycles. Trek is in a unique position being a manufacturer that also sponsors a team and utilizes the team for product feedback.

CA software will also connect riders with Trek product management. Trek’s R&D team will be able to gather product feedback, allowing them to deliver higher-quality products to market quicker.

A leading example of marketing rooted in technology

CA’s marketing programs, spearheaded by CMO Lauren Flaherty, are rooted in the company’s technology. Our marketing partnerships underline CA’s commitment to helping companies eliminate the barriers between ideas and outcomes.

This sponsorship showcases how CA is helping diverse organizations around the world win in the application economy.

While our agile management solutions will be working behind the scenes, CA’s brand will be prominently represented through rider’s apparel and their bicycles.

The most significant part of this partnership, however, is how we are helping Trek to be as successful an enterprise as it is a racing team.

You can follow the news around Trek-Segafredo and this partnership through the hashtag #ShowYourStripes on @CAInc.

Heidi is a Communications Director at CA. She leads cross-functional programs responsible for digital publishing…


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