A poll on the pulse of CA’s DevOps customers

CA helps customers implement DevOps.

There has been no shortage of research on the topic of DevOps. For the most part, the research agrees that DevOps can have significant business value. A recent study conducted by Coleman Parkes on behalf of CA, for example, showed how pairing Agile development methodologies with DevOps lead to significant benefits—such as a 41 percent improvement in operational efficiency.

Since these studies typically survey a broad swath of enterprise organizations in general. Here in the DevOps solutions group at CA, we conducted a survey of our customer base to find out if DevOps is delivering on its promise. And of course we weren’t going to stop there—we wanted to get a pulse of the benefits these customers were seeing from using CA solutions as part of their DevOps practice.

So we worked with TechValidate to survey several hundred of our customers to answer these question– and more.

The results are overwhelming: a full 86 percent of respondents said that CA was important—or critical—to their DevOps Journey, and 85 percent have seen an improvement in software quality and release velocity since partnering with CA for their DevOps initiatives.

There are more data points as well, but I won’t spoil them here. Instead, I will point you to this infographic that summarizes some of the key findings.

And for those who would like even more detail, more data points—including some customer case studies—available in our TechValidate research library.


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