Putting it out there on CX Day

CA celebrates CX Day by taking its commitment to a customer-centric mission a step further.

Happy Customer Experience Day! October 5 is CX Day, a day founded by the Customer Experience Professionals Organization (CXPA) to shine a light on the mission to improve the customer experience.

In the year since my blog from CX Day 2015, I’m pleased to say that the transformation of CX at CA has continued to progress as we worked to instill a clear, customer-centric sense of mission internally among all of our 11,000 employees.  Our CA Mission—why we exist—is to help customers succeed by helping them remove the barriers between their ideas and business outcomes.

Our Mission

Company-wide our Mission aligns nicely with our customer experience work in a merged effort that benefits both. I have blogged about the importance of this. In my experience, the best way to advance the commitment to customer experience is to tie it to other major transformation movements in your company.

This year, our recognition of CX Day revolves around taking our internal declaration of CA’s commitment to our customer-centric Mission a step further. We want to put ourselves “out there” – making our intent explicit both internally and externally.

Letter from our CEO to Customers

A letter that our CEO Mike Gregoire is sending to tens of thousands of customers around the world includes this quote: “We put our customers at the center of everything we do.”

It’s a bold statement that sets the bar high and one that gives critics something to point to if they disagree. This really does put us “out there” where customers and competitors alike can decide for themselves whether we are delivering.

Here is the letter in its entirety. I’m putting it out there.



Here are the links to the video and the CA World information referred to in the above letter.

What are you putting out there for your internal and external customers on CX Day–and every day?


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