Sappi Group optimizes IT operations on three continents with CA PPM SaaS

Sappi Group is among the market leaders in the paper manufacturing industry. In order to optimize processes and reduce costs, the company required a unified project and portfolio management solution.

Sappi’s IT department is located across multiple sites on three continents. IT is the backbone of the company’s global business processes. IT-based solutions support production as well as purchasing and global sales.

Standardization needed to improve global processes

The global IT department initiates and manages a variety of projects. In the past individual solutions for project management, applications and infrastructure were used. These had grown over the years and many had been modified to meet local requirements.

In addition, individual solutions were always being integrated into the Sappi infrastructure as a result of acquisitions, so that the respective departments could continue to work with a familiar portfolio.

The result was that many overarching processes, such as reporting, required considerable manual effort and time as the information had to be gathered from different systems to be combined in a single report.

Added to that was an increase in the number of international projects.

“We wanted to structure future processes better, prevent duplication of effort, attain greater transparency and get a unified view on the progress of our projects,” says Jürgen Kamedler, IT Service Level Coordinator.

“To achieve this, we decided to introduce a single project and portfolio management across all locations.”

CA PPM SaaS eases administration and creates transparency

To tackle the challenge, senior executives at Sappi carried out a market analysis and studied a number of project and portfolio management solutions.

After an intensive evaluation phase, the team selected CA Project & Portfolio Management SaaS (CA PPM SaaS) because the solution offered the functionality and flexibility the Sappi Group required.

In addition to the diverse functionality that CA Project & Portfolio Management offered, the next most important factor was its cloud delivery model. There were several reasons for opting for this, according to Kamedler.

“The solution was immediately available to us from the cloud and was able to work with our existing system. Furthermore, we had to build our own technical know-how or our own dedicated support team and we wanted be certain that we were working with the most modern technology.”

An important requirement was that CA PPM SaaS was to be introduced group-wide at all locations so that the global IT team could begin virtually on a “green field” site without the advantage of previous knowledge or experience.

“Of course cost played an important role in choosing a SaaS solution,” comments Adelheid Wendelmaier. “We are not impacted by high license costs with CA Technologies’ cloud solution, but pay for what we use. Even with upgrades or additions, we benefit from an itemized, detailed and transparent cost model.”

The solution is currently used in the global IT department, which is responsible for managing IT projects.

Lower costs and standardized processes to optimize IT operations

CA PPM SaaS standardizes project management, increasing the transparency of processes for the Sappi Group while optimizing operating costs. Software upgrades are automatically performed in the cloud and do not require manual intervention by the Sappi team.

“We only have to verify the upgrades,” adds Wendelmaier.

Thanks to CA PPM SaaS data is now available at a central location, which facilitates the handling of stakeholder information, ensures consistency and prevents duplication of effort.

By using CA PPM SaaS, the Sappi Group has been able to:

* Introduce optimized reporting, enabling an improved overview of projects and resources
* Increase efficiency due to standardized processes
* Implement projects more quickly and successfully

“CA PPM SaaS gives us greater transparency and agility, allowing us to streamline processes and respond more quickly to requests from business departments,” says Kamedler.

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