SD-WAN: Power in partnership

Greater vendor collaboration across the networking stack can simplify monitoring and the adoption of new technologies for customers.

By Paul Kohler (Viptela) and Jason Normandin (CA Technologies)

For those of us who have kids, we take lots of photos of them to share with friends and family. Thanks to the cloud, we’re able to store and distribute these photos quickly and easily.

As more datasets and more workloads – both personal and professional – move to the cloud, enterprises and managed services providers are being compelled to rethink how they design their networks. Goodbye WAN, hello SD-WAN.

This shift in network architecture, however, is just the beginning. Network monitoring must also evolve for a cloud-enabled world. And that means changing more than processes; it means changing cultures.

Breaking down barriers

Proprietary technologies and tools have long been part of the networking landscape, but this approach is no longer viable in today’s hyper-connected infrastructures. No IT component works in isolation; and no IT vendor should either.

Removing barriers at the architecture and application layers not only opens up new opportunities for customers but also for vendors. Some of the greatest ideas have been executed through the power of partnership – take the Starbucks and Barnes & Noble alliance as an example. At CA Technologies, we’re building an ecosystem of partners to help ensure our network monitoring solutions deliver the best outcomes to our customers.

CA leverages our partners to extend the domain expertise available in our market leading network monitoring solutions. Building on the rich heritage of industry leading solutions, new technologies can be seamlessly integrated into the monitoring and analytics of traditional network technologies. Working closely with our partners, CA validates our approach with the technology vendor to ensure a robust solution which aligns with current and future functionality available in partner technologies and solutions.

Within the SD-WAN domain, CA and Viptela worked closely from original inception of CA’s SD-WAN monitoring solution design to validate our approach. We now understand not just the needs of our mutual customers but the needs and requirements from the larger overall customer base. In addition, this partnership enabled CA to innovate and provide new and valuable ways to visualize and understand the health of SD-WAN networks as well as plan for future growth as you roll-out this exciting new technology. Leveraging over 20 years of physical infrastructure monitoring experience CA has unified market leading physical infrastructure monitoring with one of the best in breed SD-WAN solutions provided by Viptela.

Viptela was founded five years ago on the desire to connect users to applications simply, reliably and securely. The company’s Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology has allowed global companies to build carrier agnostic, policy-controlled and cost-effective WANs. In fact, Cisco recently announced their intent to acquire Viptela to expand their SD-WAN portfolio.

Recent market and technology conditions provided Viptela an opportunity to deliver a new solution that addressed customer needs. With enterprises moving to the cloud for their application, compute workload and storage, there are now more 3rd party vendors to choose from and the enterprise network is more interconnected. Meanwhile bandwidth needs, applications, devices and the number of dependencies are all increasing which only increases the need for network monitoring. Managing today’s enterprise network requires enterprise level network monitoring and CA Performance Management has an excellent integration with Viptela.

By encouraging greater collaboration across the network operations stack – both between platforms and people – vendors can work smarter and innovate faster. And the impact to a customer’s digital transformation could be more than we ever imagined.

Learn more

Want to know more? Check out this SD-WAN Expert Panel Discussion on SD-WAN challenges, opportunities and its impact on today’s network monitoring. Don’t have time to listen the entire replay, no problem, you can get the Skinny on SD-WAN here and/or the download the white paper Evolve network performance monitoring tools for successful SD-WAN initiatives.

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