Showcasing the Modern Software Factory in Santa Clara (photo post)

CA hosted the first ever Built to Change Summit in its brand new facility in Santa Clara, California on May 24. See what went on at the event.

Members of CA’s Senior Leadership Team along with some of our partners and customers (BiTE Interactive, Fandor, CNN) met with key media, industry analysts and influencers to re-introduce CA as a Modern Software Factory and Silicon Valley innovator.

Chief Technology Officer Otto Berkes and Chief Product Officer Ayman Sayed kicked off the event by talking about digital transformation and CA’s mission of helping companies navigate it by building a modern software factory.

“Technology is evolving at an exponential pace, but there is currently a gap between the possibilities of technology and what enterprises can actually do with it. That’s the gap we want to close,” said Berkes. “CA is here to help companies take ideas and turn them into new digital experiences that add value to their customers.”

After the kick off, participants were invited to learn more about the Modern Software Factory through interactive showcases.

Showcase 1, the next gen dev practices, addressed the trends reshaping software development: agile and design.

Showcase 2 was focused on apps that build and fix themselves, highlighting the new tools and technologies are also affecting how and where developers do their jobs.


Showcase 3 took the attendees back to the future with automation and machine learning. It demonstrated how CA together with Automic provides an automation platform with a combined portfolio for companies built to change.

Showcase 4 was all about CA Accelerator and the future of analytics. It laid out the vision and operations of CA Accelerator, which is leveraging enterprise resources to incubate and deliver new innovation.

Showcase 5 was about modernizing security: the users and the apps. Rich, productive and safe digital experiences can be a huge competitive advantage for companies. Unfortunately, users and applications are too often also the weakest links in enterprise security. CA’s mission is to enable security on both ends of that equation.

After the showcase tour, Ayman Sayed recapped the event: “As you hopefully have seen today, we are working hard to transform how our customers develop software. We are not only evolving, but almost reinventing every aspect of the software development lifecycle. We have a unique role to play in partnering with our customers. We help our them navigate a whole new world of heterogeneous infrastructure, different deployment models and emerging technologies. We are looking forward to sharing more with you about some of the innovations we are driving.”

Heidi is a Communications Director at CA. She leads cross-functional programs responsible for digital publishing…


  • Tom Smith

    Great event. Interesting to see CA’s aggressive reinvention as a promoter of DevOps providing a mainframe to mobile workflow, in its entirety, on any environment, infrastructure, and platform.


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