Out of the labs and into the light: Showcasing new ideas at CA World

Incubations from the CA Accelerator on display for customer feedback.

It takes a special personality to be a successful innovator, with intestinal fortitude near the top of the list of desired traits. Sharing carefully formulated ideas in a public forum opens oneself up to the full range of feedback, from energizing and uplifting to chillingly cold blankets.

Will they love it? Will new feedback raise doubts?

But the desire to learn, by way of first-hand discussions with customers, is what enables innovators to answer critical questions like “is it a problem worth solving?”

CA’s team of innovators, aka “intrapreneurs”, will be showcasing their incubations at CA World ‘16 to learn what attendees think about the problem they’ve identified, the solution they’re developing and the overall viability of the idea.

At various stages of maturity, from early concept to minimum viable product, these projects are part of CA’s internal Accelerator program and represent a wide range of problem areas and enabling technologies:

  • Docker and containers
  • Advanced analytics
  • Modern development
  • Augmented intelligence
  • Working and meeting smarter


Are you, or anyone you know, attending CA World?  If so, please invest some time to visit these startup projects, all co-located at the CA Accelerator Zone, and speak with the founders.  We’ve created a convenient program guide to help you find the full spectrum of Accelerator-related content including demos, presentations, etc.

Feedback-filtered rose-colored glasses can do more harm than good, so share your honest and candid thoughts.  After all, life’s too short to build something nobody really wants.  But when an idea finds the perfect intersection of a real customer need with an elegant and delightful solution, there is no greater joy for the founders or for CA.

And while you’re visiting the CA Accelerator Zone, tell us what keeps you up at night. Only by understanding your challenges can we formulate the ideas that become our next generation of solutions.

David McNierney
David is an enterprise software veteran who has held a variety of roles ranging from…


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