Solid Future for AutoSys

V12 shows ongoing commitment to the AutoSys community

I was lucky enough to sit on a briefing from Dan Shannon, the Product Manager for CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys). I must say, I have been in the workload automation business for nearly twenty years and ,boy, was it fascinating.

The amount of investment that is being made in the product we all know and love as AutoSys must be huge. In a blog I cannot give away everything on the roadmap but V12 is going to be exciting, below are some of the items that I found most interesting.

We started with web-services. We know that today most things are based on web-service integrations and automation needs to be able to seamlessly control that world so we can easily automate more for the business. AutoSys has supported this for a very long time – both SOAP and RESTful variants. But now you can automatically extract and pass information from call to call so we can really consume these services quickly and, most importantly, securely – watch out specifically in the roadmap for this section as I think we will all be using it very soon.

But it is not always the new that catches the eye – with automation we want more of the business to be able to consume it, to use it, to gain value from automating the business. Well again, lots of work has been done to improve the efficiency of WCC not only for our power users – it is great for them – but also so we can have many more casual users that can easy adopt and consume automation through AutoSys.

I have worked in software for a long time and there is always the background noise that the vendor is going to invest less in the product as time goes forward. We have had Workload Automation for a long time – but with V12 that is so far from the truth you would not believe it. Major changes in architecture to support 64 bit as well as significant simplification of upgrade processing demonstrates that ongoing commitment to the AutoSys community.

We have all done upgrades and we all remember the 3 images we download and 3 setups to run. Well, without trying to give too much away, with V12 that is now a single image and setup for OS type. Many might say it’s about time but it shows the continued commitment to the valued community that is AutoSys.

I have been told that the roadmap presentation series are restarting, so would strongly suggest you connect to the User Community and lookup the next time available. My guess is you will find it the best value of an hour of your time.

Tony Beeston
Tony Beeston is Product Marketing Manager at CA, and has over 30 years’ industry experience.…


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