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What Business and IT Leaders Should Know When Evaluating the IBM z14

This summer has been an exciting one for companies transforming to digital businesses with IBM’s release of the groundbreaking z14 – indeed, our mission-essential community never stops moving! In Part 1 of this series, I shared why we in the vendor community believe the new IBM z is a game changer, creating a new System of Trust. As part 2 of this series, I’d like to explain what business and IT leaders should know about CA’s support for the new z14.

At CA, it is our goal to support you from day one as you evaluate a new z14 system or as you plan to upgrade providing software that delivers new features and capabilities in an agile, continuous manner. We are proud to work in close alignment with IBM to partner with you to transform your business.

So, while there are many factors to consider when deciding if you want to upgrade to the z14, the one thing you do not need to be concerned about is the support you will get from CA Technologies. Our unparalleled support is guaranteed – whether or not you choose to upgrade to z14.

What’s the new z14?

The new z14 is empowered with pervasive encryption capabilities that enable up to 12 billion encrypted transactions to be processed each day. As such, the Z14 is perfectly positioned to facilitate an exponential rise in the amount of corporate data that is encrypted. Such a metamorphosis is critical, since only 2% of corporate data is encrypted today – leaving a huge threat surface wide open to attack.

How is CA supporting customers with the z14?

At CA Technologies, we want to ensure that you reap the benefits of the new z14 from day one by helping you achieve digital trust. Digital trust is an industry theme that is resonating with CIOs and business leadership: digital trust recognizes that a thriving and innovating software ecosystem plus expertise is necessary to guide digital transformation and to build a unique blueprint for a modern software factory. For example, how do you embrace advances such as machine learning or blockchain and move full-steam ahead? It all comes down to trust: trust in the integrity of all systems, data, and interactions. To give you this foundation of digital trust, our key CA Mainframe Solutions are ready to go the moment you decide to upgrade to the z14 hardware.

Take the area of security.

The IBM z14’s pervasive encryption is a great boon to businesses affected by the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement and European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). CA Data Content Discovery (DCD) supports and complements this pervasive encryption by identifying where sensitive data is stored and classifying that data. This allows the z14’s pervasive encryption to be more selective regarding which users can seamlessly decrypt and access sensitive data. And, as data needs to be exchanged with third parties, CA Data Content Discovery adds controls for sensitive data-in-motion. Together, IBM and CA provide unified enterprise security to give you a robust compliance structure across new and existing mainframes.

Mainframe is tailor-made for blockchain and machine learning

Then there’s blockchain, where CA’s standards-based management and security services offer usability, speed, data-centric security, and enterprise scale in the z14 System of Trust. We are actively working with financial services, insurance, and retail business leaders engaged in the Hyperledger project as they pilot “shadow blockchains” to address the need for speed to market and operational excellence. This will allow you to shift left, moving the practices of DevSecOps earlier in the development lifecycle.

With the IBM z14 poised to be the platform of choice for real-time machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), it is exciting to realize that CA’s  Mainframe Operations Intelligence can help you operate your mission-critical services with 100% SLA requirements. This is vital, since mainframe and distributed skills are getting harder and harder to come by. With machine learning and AI, you can create a modern software factory that doesn’t rely on human expertise and knowledge to function optimally. For example, CA’s solution leverages machine learning on the system z to help businesses survive the starburst effect of a drastic increase in mainframe transactions due to mobile applications.

With a foundation of digital trust, you can build with confidence, leveraging the full capabilities of the IBM z14 and CA solutions. Let’s keep the conversation going. I invite you to connect with me one-on-one on the CA Mainframe Linkedin Group and participate in the discussion: “What are the top elements driving your z14 decision?”





Ashok Reddy
Ashok is responsible for CA’s DevOps Line of Business including the Developer Products, Continuous Delivery,…


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