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What it takes to be number one in cloud monitoring

Why real users in the IT Central Station community ranked CA UIM as the leading cloud monitoring software product of 2016.

Accelerating and maintaining the pace of development puts an enormous strain on traditional infrastructure. In fact, most organizations simply don’t have the on-premises resources to meet the demands of the app economy. That’s why companies are increasingly adding public and private cloud into the mix. The cloud allows you to greatly expand your capabilities without making huge capital. But your cloud based infrastructures and applications need to be managed holistically for optimal utilization and experience.

Today, our industry leading industry leading  cloud monitoring solution, CA Unified Infrastructure Management solution was ranked “Top Cloud Monitoring Software of the Year” by IT Central Station, the leading product review site for enterprise technology. So what does it take to have an award winning solution? Here are three key ingredients:

  • Unified, Most Comprehensive Monitoring for Cloud and Hybrid IT: Unlike a cobbled together package of point tools, our solution ensures optimal performance of all your cloud and on-premises infrastructures or resources through a single console and back-end architecture. You can efficiently monitor your entire environment and address potential issues proactively. Our comprehensive support for modern and traditional technologies means we provide you the flexibility to pick the stack of your choice – you chose, we monitor!
  • Developed in collaboration with real customers: CA Unified Infrastructure Management’s cloud capabilities were recently enhanced in collaboration with customers across multiple industries and geographic locations. As a result, the solution takes into account real challenges that IT operations team face when using new, cloud based infrastructures. CA UIM includes out of the box dashboards and best practice templates that provide immediate, actionable insight into cloud based infrastructures. For example our AWS monitoring includes cloud “sprawl” and billing data to help you keep an eye on your costs and utilization. 
  • Broad portfolio with analytics that span applications, infrastructure and networks: To truly understand and optimize user experiencer you need insights into your application, the infrastructure that runs it and the network that connects or delivers it. While CA Unified Infrastructure Management helps you better manage and optimize your cloud based infrastructures, CA also provides complimentary application performance and network performance management As a result, we are helping organizations gain more value and insight into end user experience through the use of analytics across all the performance of their infrastructure, applications and networks.


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