Teenage students join CA’s developers in Prague

CA Technologies is hosting a group of young students in our Prague Technology Centre for a week. They will focus on a coding project around cloud computing. This coincides with the 10th anniversary of our Prague Centre.

Addressing the digital skills gap

 To be successful in today’s application economy, businesses need developers with the skills to transform innovative ideas into code and literally “rewrite” business models.

There has always been more demand than supply of those skills in the ICT sector. But now it’s not just the technology companies vying for the same talents; the automotive, banking and other sectors are going after them as well.

That’s why it’s so important to inspire more young people to pursue STEM related careers. Companies have an important role to play here. Without that new generation, innovation in exciting growth areas like big data and the Internet of Things will be affected.

To support this, CA Technologies recently refocused our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in Europe on skills and STEM, calling it “Create Tomorrow”.

This is a Europe wide program which aims to help address the skills gap and champion the creation of digital jobs. We also joined two European campaigns to further strengthen those efforts; the EU’s Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs and the eskills4jobs campaign.

Coding in Prague

CA’s Technology Center in Prague is our software development hub for Europe and being able to hire the right skills is crucial for the company. CA is working closely with various universities and a high school around various STEM skill programs.

As part of that engagement, a group of students aged 16-19 from the Gymnázium Jana Keplera school in Prague will join CA Technologies developers for one week (12-16 October) to work on a Cloud technology project. Specifically they will be tasked with producing a prototype application to visualise the components of a virtual private cloud. CA will provide the workspace, technical equipment and support and the students will be responsible for research, design, implementation and final results. The exercise will give them practical, hands-on experience of working on an Agile / Scrum project for a top-flight software company.

The students will also be called upon to research and apply concepts, logical approaches and techniques to solve a specific and complex problem related to Cloud computing.

10th Anniversary of CA Prague Technology Centre

The EU code week coincides with the tenth anniversary celebrations at the CA Technologies Prague Technology Centre. Originally established in 2005 as the company’s European Mainframe Centre of Excellence, it has since grown to become the company’s largest R&D organisation in Europe, and our second largest office in EMEA.

The company has created a world-class development facility for next-generation software solutions, all designed to help customers win in the application economy.

The CA Prague workforce includes more than 400 staff, representing 35 nationalities, 300 of which are developers working across the CA Technologies distributed and mainframe solutions portfolio. Staff also supports CA Technologies regional Finance, Services, Inside Sales and Presales services.

By engaging with the local high school and universities, CA Technologies looks to continue attracting the best and brightest for our Technology Centre.

Christoph Luykx
Christoph is the global Chief Privacy Strategist, responsible for CA’s views and global strategy on…


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