A blueprint: Harness the mainframe in the Modern Software Factory

5 reasons to attend the CA Mainframe Virtual Summit

If there’s one thing the summer months bring other than the heat, it’s choices. Both adults and children alike could be enjoying activities spanning traveling, swimming, reading, and so forth at any given time. And the great thing about the summer months is that there’s an activity for everybody. But the challenge? It’s impossible to do everything you’d like to at once; it ultimately comes down to decision making and prioritization. Similarly, many mainframe and IT leaders too are often faced with a myriad of choices on how they manage their infrastructures.

Let’s consider all the choices and priorities – is it cost reduction, uptime, or innovation? The challenge remains: how can you do it all at once? It’s especially difficult to tackle every IT initiative at once on the mainframe, where priorities span IT economics, DevOps, machine learning, intelligent automation, and data privacy.

Well, this summer, you’re in luck. While we can’t help you make those tough vacation decisions, we can cover all of your mainframe needs in a one-day virtual event, so you don’t have to choose.

Here are 5 reasons to attend the CA Technologies Mainframe Virtual Summit: Mission Essential in the Modern Software Factory

  • Built to Change with the Mainframe. Learn how CA is delivering the 21st-century version of the factory – the Modern Software Factory – and how we can help your team achieve superior IT economics, DevOps automation, intelligent operations with machine learning, data privacy, and more – from mobile to mainframe. Plus, get a sneak peek at the next-generation mainframe and the future of how emerging workloads such as blockchain are evolving to be delivered from the mainframe environment.
  • Enterprise Wide Data-Centric Security. Roughly 80 percent of transactional data resides on the mainframe – and it’s becoming increasingly regulated. Do you know where that data is located, when it moves, and who has access to it? Explore what organizations need to do to secure all their corporate data, address regulatory compliance requirements, and leverage the power of mainframe data by creating holistic data-centric security strategies.
  • 5 Ways DevOps Practices Boost Speed and Innovation. Digital transformation is essential in the Modern Software Factory, and mainframe services remain even more mission-essential with the advent of mobile, IoT, API enablement, and containerized applications. Discover how leading organizations are adopting agile principles, continuous testing, and deployment to win at the game of speed and innovation.
  • Intelligence and Automation Delivers on the Promise of the Self-Driving Data Center. To ensure operational excellence, organizations are increasingly turning to predictive operations and intelligent automation. See how innovations in machine learning and automation on the mainframe now address the critical challenges of skill attrition and the risk-cost trade-off involved in maintaining uptime.
  • The Business Value of the Connected Mainframe. There is a growing realization that innovation on mainframe is not only feasible, but, necessary for organizations looking to gain the most from their mainframe investment. Learn how organizations are leveraging the platform to drive digital transformation today and how they will power new workloads and innovations such as blockchain, IoT, and machine learning.


Just like those summer months, the Mainframe Virtual Summit offers something for everybody. The panel discussions and resource areas offer an easy way to get an actionable blueprint to succeed and innovate with CA Mainframe Solutions. And the Mainframe Virtual Summit makes it possible to cover all of your major mainframe priorities at once, without having to choose. Don’t miss it – please join us at the Mainframe Virtual Summit: Mission Essential in the Modern Software Factory, July 26th at 12:30 PM ET.

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