The boon and bane of technology advancements for security

CA discusses advances in analytics, artificial intelligence at KuppingerCole Identity and Cloud conference

We live in interesting technological and geopolitical times. Who knew we would see such a profound impact on identity, privacy and security? On one hand, organizations are figuring out how to leverage innovation and advances in technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and compute power to transform and thrive in a digital world. On the other hand, these very advances in technology pose significant information security and privacy threats, which are compounded by geopolitical factors.

In Europe this week, the IT security industry’s best and brightest gather at Kuppinger Cole’s Enterprise Identity & Cloud Conference to collaborate, discuss and address how these dynamics intertwine.

CA Technologies addresses security innovation, GDPR and consumer identity and access management

At the event, Mark McGovern, VP of Product Management at CA Inc., will discuss the impact of security innovation and how it delivers positive business outcomes, and Suresh Sridharan from CA Inc., will talk about techniques information security leaders can adopt to counter any challenges in a fast-changing environment.

As GDPR timelines tighten, organizations have started to put in place solutions that will help address compliance needs.

If you want to collaborate with peers to understand what tools they believe are critical for success for compliance, a panel featuring Nils Meyer from CA Inc., and his hands-on experience should help you immensely. If you are working on solutions to address GDPR needs for Customer Identity Management (CIAM), Markus Krauss from CA Inc., has some unique perspectives to offer based on his experience working with customers in this space. And if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get down to a workshop, this one featuring Jordi Gascon from CA Inc., promises to be a thorough one to help gain clarity.

CA technologies is also an event sponsor. Please email CA at if you would like to book time to speak with a member of the CA security team at the event.

by Alexandra Beswerchij, CA Technologies, Security business. 

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