The CA Automation Summit 2018: A Recap

Demonstrating why automation is the backbone of the Modern Software Factory

The CA Automation Summit (formerly Automic World) is an annual gathering of IT professionals from around Europe, including industry experts, technical consultants and customers from CA. This year, the summit was held in Frankfurt, Germany, on the 26th and 27th of June.

The event began with introductory keynotes from Kurt Sand (Senior VP and Automation Group General Manager) and Ralf Paschen (VP Business Unit Executive), who discussed continuous delivery, continuous testing and the latest updates to the CA Automic One Automation Platform. The keynotes were followed by two full days of demos, workshops, presentations and networking activities in both German and English—and of course, plenty of opportunities to keep up with the World Cup in the breaks between sessions.

A Need for Speed

The theme at this year’s summit was the importance of speed to innovation and getting your products in front of end users at the right time, allowing you to outshine the competition. “Building better software faster is a significant part of innovation,” Kurt Sand explained in his speech. “Fundamentally, the most important thing in software development is taking a great idea and delivering it to end customers as fast as possible—from concept to product… So how fast do you have to be? A little bit faster than your closest competitor.”

Kurt posited that automation is the key to continuous delivery: “Agile businesses use our platforms for automating ERP business processes or data flows or service desk tickets, trying to increase the speed of their business… In app performance, you want to be able to automate your high-performance apps as quickly as you can get them out, and identify delays and figure out an automated remediation scheme as quickly as possible to shift workloads and add resources.” With this in mind, the latest version of the CA Automic One Automation Platform offers broader support than ever for organizations on the path to achieving continuous delivery and becoming a Modern Software Factory.

Hands-On Learning

In addition to the keynotes, the first day offered seminars on thought-leading topics and presentations of customer success stories. On the second day, guests could take their organization-specific challenges to the experts in workshops and demo sessions for CA solutions on subjects including incident and closed-loop remediation, version control and lifecycle management, and machine learning, among others.

Overall, the summit provided a way for users to bring automation best practices back to their teams and companies, at the same time as meeting others who are overcoming similar challenges. “You have to be able to quickly deliver software to customers at scale, and there’s no way that humans alone can handle these complex environments at scale and at speed,” Kurt concluded. “It’s the aid of automation that makes this possible—and it’s an exciting journey to be on.”

We hope you’ll join us again next year!

Dr. Chris Boorman is the both the CA Vice President of Marketing for EMEA and…


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