The Gold Standard of Automation

In a fascinating new eBook, CA reveals why automation is like gold to your Modern Software Factory.

In a fascinating new eBook, CA reveals why automation is like gold to your Modern Software Factory.

How well did you do in chemistry at school? Eager students familiar with the Periodic Table will know that the chemical symbol for gold is ‘Au’. And those two letters front-end the word that is transforming the Modern Software Factory: automation.

Automation and gold have a lot in common. As an unrivalled electrical conductor, gold is an essential component of the devices we use in our daily lives – the conduit that carries information between the systems’ disparate parts. It also provides the connections that allows them to communicate with each other. Likewise, automation is the gold of the software world: it’s the backbone of modern business, enabling communication and orchestration between components.

In a fascinating new eBook, The Golden Booklet of Automation, we explore how automation can help you become the disruptor, rather than the disrupted. It reveals how companies can reinvent themselves and be built to change, become Modern Software Factories and remain in control against the backdrop of ever-changing technology.

Agility and the Modern Software Factory

The Golden Booklet of Automation eBook opens by highlighting the key challenges facing organisations today: the demand to quickly build new apps that satisfy business needs and the need to efficiently operate existing application stacks, infrastructure, technical debt and legacy solutions.

The Modern Software Factory satisfies these demands, creating the agility, insight, security and automation required to facilitate the rapid build, test, deployment and operational running of all business applications.

It’s the automation component we’re interested in here. It enables enterprises to continuously develop, test and deliver high quality applications. It provides self-service to DevOps teams, allowing them to provision any environment at the click of a button. And it orchestrates across the entire DevOps toolchain, reducing errors, saving money and freeing up time and resources for innovation.

It doesn’t stop there. Automation creates a constant stream of feedback that can be processed into instant real-time insight, for faster, more informed decision making. Moreover, you can embed security at scale into your business, ensuring it’s an integral part of your application – from the moment of development right through to production. Ultimately, this protects your assets and builds trust with your users. Automation also empowers your organization to harness the cloud and big data. It delivers an agile business, providing self-service for all the processes running apps and services created in your Modern Software Factory.

Delivering a rich, rewarding customer experience

The very future of your business hinges on the quality of your customer experience. If performance issues appear, the customer experience suffers. And if you can’t provide a stable, fluid, reliable experience – one of your competitors will. Automation combined with application performance management means you can automatically remediate issues before they occur. Bet365, for example, uses that very solution from CA Technologies to automatically deploy hundreds of live updates per day to drive customer experience and revenue.

It is remarkable how much of your organization can be automated. A fully-automated enterprise reduces operational costs and lowers technical debt. This frees up budget and resources to focus on innovation and driving customer experience.

Make no mistake, business automation is the gold of the software world and the fundamental backbone of the Modern Software Factory. And here at CA, we offer a powerful automation suite of market-leading solutions:

  • Release automation
  • Workload automation
  • Service orchestration

Agility is your goal, automation is the backbone, and CA is your gold standard.

Dr. Chris Boorman is the both the CA Vice President of Marketing for EMEA and…


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