Application Performance Management 

The total economic impact of CA Application Performance Management

A new CA-commissioned study by Forrester Consulting shows benefits including reduced costs of application downtime and increased developer productivity as a result of adopting APM.

In the application economy, application performance is critical. In an age of rapid adoption and rapid rejection, it takes mere seconds to make or break an application experience.

While it is intuitive that ensuring and improving application performance has real business benefits, thoroughly investigating the total economic impact can help organizations quantify and truly understand the benefits realized by adopting application performance management (APM).

The numbers don’t lie

To that end, I’m pleased to announce the availability of a new study by Forrester Consulting that shows the total economic impact that CA Application Performance Management (APM) can have.

The CA-commissioned study is based on in-depth interviews with actual CA APM customers and quantifies the primary benefits realized in key areas such as reduced downtime and improved developer productivity.

As the executive summary of the study cites, the following benefits represent those achieved by the interviewed customers

  • Reduced cost of application downtime. Using CA APM enabled the organization to reduce its outages by 60 percent for customer-facing applications, which avoided more than $4.3 million in costs over three years.
  • Increased productivity of developers. By reducing the number of errors, CA APM increased the productivity of developers by 15 percent in year one, 10 percent in year two, and 5 percent in year three, resulting in a financial savings over three years that totaled more than $4.2 million.


How CA APM can give you a competitive edge

Further to the point on developer productivity, organizations can better achieve competitive advantage by adopting CA APM.

As one company stated, “In essence, we’re issuing less code or less fixes into production, which allows our developmental organization to focus more on maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace of what we deliver in our online solutions.”

In the study, Forrester determined the quantitative and qualitative benefits of adopting CA APM by compiling the interview results into a composite organization that represents the characteristics of the interviewed companies. The study concludes that the composite organization achieved a 3-year risk-adjusted ROI of 306 percent with a payback period of just 4.4 months as a result of deploying CA APM.

Managing complex environments

Today’s applications can span mobile, cloud, and on premise. It’s important that solutions can cover the end-to-end view of application performance. The study interviews revealed that:

“Leveraging CA APM provided insight into performance from mainframes through mobile devices. Using CA APM allowed the organization to eliminate uncertainty about the cause of problems in complex environments. CA APM reduced the average time to resolution and it eliminated the finger-pointing between technical teams that previously plagued the diagnosis process.”

If you’re considering an investment in application performance management, I encourage you to download and read this study. It provides a practical, easy-to-follow framework to help you demonstrate how an investment in CA APM could deliver quantifiable benefits and tangible cost savings to your organization.

Customers realize benefits from CA APM because it proactively identifies and helps resolve performance issues across physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile applications. CA APM offers a solution that is E.P.I.C. – Easy, Proactive, Intelligent and Collaborative – to uniquely position organizations to deliver app experiences where every user transaction becomes a loyalty-building interaction.

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By David Hardman

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