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This Week in Cloud, June 13, 2013: The cloud security gap, Study finds cloud reduces energy consumption, Cloud computing myths. And more…

Sir Richard Branson Interview!

Sir Richard Branson Interview!


Sir Richard Branson, founder and chairman of Virgin Group, discusses how he has been able to foster innovation by giving his employees the ability to be creative, take chances, and learn from failure in this interview from CA World.


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A new survey sponsored by Microsoft reveals that while many small and medium businesses worry about security and data privacy in the cloud, once they made the move to cloud, they find it more secure and private than their previous on-premise system, according to this InformationWeek article.


– A recent survey by comScore revealed that 94% of UK cloud users found that the cloud has security benefits, while 52% of non-cloud users saw security as a barrier to adoption, according to this ComputerWeekly article.


New research sponsored by Google reveals that migrating common applications to the cloud, such as email, CRM and productivity software, drastically reduces energy consumption, according to this Forbes article. The researchers concluded that a move to the cloud could reduce these applications’ energy footprint by up to 87%.


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YouTube Video: CloudViews Unplugged


In this episode of CloudViews Unplugged, Andi Mann and George Watt of CA Technologies discuss the end of IT, rogue IT, TWIVO and the TVnext Hackathon event, the Xbox One’s cloud features, BYOD, and cross-industry cloud success.


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Survey of 542 IT Leaders Finds Cloud Pays, but Problems Remain


By Robyn Herbert, CA Technologies


A few years ago, some IT managers took a big risk and made the move to the cloud during a time when vendor promises were loud and dramatic. Back then, there was no evidence that those promises would be fulfilled. Today, those pioneers of cloud computing are five years in. Recently, we commissioned two research organizations, Luth Research and Vanson Bourne, to find out if the cloud has been living up to its hype. The researchers surveyed 542 global IT leaders at companies with revenues of $500 million and above, and the reports have now been compiled and analyzed. Read the full article.


Cloud Views


What cloud computing myths still exist? In this InfoWorld blog, David Linthicum shares the myths that still exist around cloud computing, including private cloud security, portability, and data mining.


– What does the NSA’s data collection program mean for the future of cloud computing? In this GigaOM blog, Derrick Harris discusses what the NSA’s data collection program could mean for future legislation regarding cloud computing and internet privacy.


Trend Watch

Computer scientists at the University of Glasgow have created a working cloud model which functions like a commercial computing infrastructure by linking together 56 Raspberry Pi computers, which retail for $25, and Lego bricks, according to this PCR article.


– A new report by Veracode finds that 91% of the most popular mobile applications used within enterprises are exposing personal and sensitive information to unknown parties, according to this InfoSecurity article.




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