Three Continuous Delivery Predictions for 2017

Three important drivers behind the modern software factory.

Continuous delivery is the most evolved and modern state of software development and testing—and is core to a successful DevOps strategy. Companies who are able to achieve continuous delivery can rapidly develop, test and release applications with higher quality and at lower costs. Continuously delivering software is a key advantage in the application economy, where oftentimes the battleground for consumer loyalty is a company’s applications.

So as another year is rapidly coming to a close and we have a lot to look forward to in 2017. On the topic of continuous delivery, looking forward means spreading continuous delivery throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC), using the cloud more, and embracing open source. All of those things combined will help us advance the continuous delivery movement together as an industry.

My predictions for continuous delivery in 2017 include:

1.Continuous Delivery Means Continuous Everything

Truly delivering software continuously means that all the tasks within the software development lifecycle (SDLC) must be optimized to occur in parallel, and continuously. This means development must be continuous, testing must be continuous, and likewise for release and operations.

2. Democratization of Continuous Delivery Tools (via the Cloud)

Optimizing all aspects of the SDLC for continuous delivery, as mentioned above, means that tools need to be easier to use and easier to access. Developers who have access to testing tools (left-shift) can improve the quality of code they produce. Similarly, QA engineers who have access to design requirements sooner can create more accurate test data and scenarios, earlier.

3. The Industry Embraces Open Source (Really)

In the past, we’ve noted that commercially motivated technology providers have tried to keep open source technology “at arms’ length”. I believe 2017 will truly be the tipping where companies will embrace open source solutions as part of their strategy, and those companies that continuously resist will be at a significant disadvantage.

For more on my predictions for continuous delivery in 2017, read my latest blog.


Jeff Scheaffer is general manager of Continuous Delivery Business Unit at CA Technologies. In this…



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