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Three lessons that in-house IT organizations can learn from MSPs

Are MSPs and enterprise IT organizations complementary or polar opposites?

The Yin and Yang appear to be polar opposites but are actually complementary to each other. In the IT space, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and enterprise IT organizations appear on opposite sides of the proverbial chasm but are they?

In spite of the obvious differences in organizational and business structures, MSPs and enterprise IT organizations share many of the same high level objectives. Both need to ensure the uptime and availability of increasingly complex systems, and they both need to meet increasing demands with limited resources.

Take the lead of MSPs

An MSP is replaceable if they deliver poor performance. Likewise, an IT professional is expendable if he or she does not deliver on the business requirements.  However, I think in-house IT Departments can take the lead of MSPs and enjoy success.

MSPs have placed a premium on delivering optimal service by using unified monitoring tools. An IT department can eliminate point monitoring tools by implementing a unified monitoring tool across the IT organization.

The solution offers improved operational performance and increased staff efficiency that helps the organization better-align their efforts with business objectives. By taking a unified monitoring approach IT departments can:

  • Move from frantic days of fire drills and finger pointing to delivering an optimal customer experience by monitoring the availability and performance of all services, applications, and technologies.
  • Gain unified visibility throughout the entire IT environment, both inside and outside the data center. With better visibility IT is better equipped to optimize operational efficiency by eliminating the complexity, cost and hassle of having to use and integrate multiple, disparate point monitoring tools.
  • Focus on the service, not the silos. The IT organization can securely and efficiently support multiple business units or customers, and more easily make the transition to becoming an internal service provider.

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