Veracode: Thwarting the biggest cyber threat before it develops

Organizations innovate faster with security at the core of development.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), 90 percent of security incidents result from exploits against defects in software. That number implies that software vulnerabilities are the result of flawed development and lead to the biggest cyber threat of all.

Companies of all sizes are using software to drive better business results and growth quickly. Innovation comes in different forms, and the way to succeed in this fast-paced environment is by removing roadblocks that slow the pace of innovation and development.

In today’s app economy, companies are aggressively moving to Agile and DevOps practices to speed delivery of new applications. From building and testing to deployment and operations, speed and quality is of the essence. And even more importantly, to effectively secure applications at the speed of DevOps, security needs to be completely integrated into the development process, from start to iteration to general availability and use.

Reduce vulnerabilities / accelerate innovation

For most organizations, implementing software security controls has been inconsistent and un-scalable. Embedding security into the software development lifecycle and making it an automated part of the continuous delivery process means that developers can write code without the hassles of a manual and fragmented approach to security. In turn, end users experience better apps with better code and fewer bugs and false positives. As a result, organizations save time in their remediation efforts and resolution (and consequently, innovation) is sped up.

CA Technologies acquisition of Veracode is key to this, improving our DevOps portfolio with the best defense against the rapidly changing threat landscape — identifying and mitigating risk early in the development process with secure application testing.

I’m excited about the new capabilities and opportunities this acquisition will create for CA and our mutual customers. When we close the deal and finalize the transaction, CA will make security and compliance transparent and automated for collaborative teams to accelerate innovation with reassurance that flaws and vulnerabilities are being addressed.

Supporting CA’s strategic growth

On the heels of our Automic acquisition in December, this is yet another exciting milestone in CA’s growth strategy as we continue to invest in and develop software solutions that are critical to our customers’ ongoing digital transformation.

As we continue to augment homegrown innovation with targeted acquisitions that will deliver greater value to our customers, we remain committed to helping organizations secure and improve their application development processes with Secure DevOps solutions to protect their IT investments.


Ayman Sayed
Ayman is president and chief product officer at CA, responsible for the strategy and development…


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