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Twitter chat discussion: Will SaaS solve your Service Management problems?

Join the conversation on Twitter on June 24, 2014, at 1pm EST

In the application economy – flush with disruptive technology and mobility everywhere – we have become totally dependent on the availability of IT. And with it comes a new set of expectations that challenge the traditional, reactive service management approach where analysts simply wait for the user’s call and then commence resolving the issue.

In recent conversations with a number of service management organizations, I’m hearing that their issues increasingly involve time. This includes time to not only maintain systems and processes, but with the move to more proactive service management, time spent on transitioning to automating processes, building services and enabling their consumers to resolve their own issues.

The CIO of a global manufacturing organization told me at a conference this week that her company’s operations team was “maxed out”! The team was basically swamped trying integrate the components of hybrid services, ensuring integrations worked, automating process and predicting what was next wherever possible. Most importantly there were few cycles to maintain a solution or patch and upgrade it.

This is the new reality of proactive service management. Gone are the days of the help desk just waiting for the phone to ring!

New service management requires resources be made available with prebuilt processes, automatic integrations, and the ability to automate internal and cloud applications. Service management now must also allow consumers to collaborate – and in many instances answer their questions.

For these types of organizations, a SaaS-based service management solution could well be the answer!

On June 24, at 1pm Eastern, I’m joining an hour-long Twitter Chat discussing the topic “Will SaaS Solve your Service Management Problems?”. During this #TechViews Twitter chat hosted by @TrendsinTech, we’ll be debating questions such as: techviews

  • What is the biggest challenge with service management today?
  • What pitfalls in IT service management should be avoided for optimal customer experience?
  • What best practices can IT adopt today to deliver better IT service management?
  • What barriers exist to a positive end-user experience with service management tools?
  • How can IT organizations mature their service management quickly and cost-effectively today?
  • Does the SaaS delivery model improve service management?
  • What’s the difference between configuration and customization in tools?
  • How can IT departments incorporate customer experience into service management?

Do you have any burning Service Management questions that you would like to explore? Feel free to Tweet them to me at @RobertEStroud

Based on previous #TechViews Twitter discussions, this will be lively, entertaining and most of all informative so block the hour on your calendar join the session and don’t forget to raise your virtual voice.

See you there!

Robert Stroud is VP of innovation and strategy for IT Business Management at CA Technologies.…


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