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Want to impress your eclectic end users? E.P.I.C. APM to the rescue!

You’re more likely to deal with a company through their app than a person. Here’s how to deliver a flawless app experience with E.P.I.C. APM.

In a time when businesses are literally being re-coded by software, applications have now become the face of your business. Physical interactions are being replaced with digital interactions. And in the age of rapid adoption and rapid rejection, you have mere seconds to impress your users. This is the reality of the application economy.

Want to impress your eclectic end users?

Despite the enormous complexity of today’s application delivery chain, your end-users expect a flawless app experience, regardless of how, when or where they access your app.

Just like the explosion of apps in this application economy, users are also using them for activities that we had never imagined. We have seen iPad DJ to Blackberry broker and iPhone film-maker who are earning their livelihood using apps and have very high expectation on these apps. These apps really need to earn the loyalty of these eclectic users.

Similarly, I was recently listening to a group of teenage gamers who were complaining about how frustrating it was to wait for minutes to sign into a very popular online game. Even though the experience after signing in was very good, many of them were flocking to other online games.

End users expect a flawless app experience every time

Undoubtedly, this “impress me now” expectation comes from our experience with consumer mobile apps. Enterprise-level applications now must deliver a flawless, even inspiring, experience every time. In today’s application economy, where apps have become the very heart and soul of your business, you have mere seconds to impress your user. The quality of the applications that the business builds and the performance of those applications are essential to the quality of your customer’s digital experience.

The pressure to ensure a positive end-user experience with mission-critical applications, and to identify, diagnose and fix applications issues quickly in today’s environment of composite applications is at a boiling point.

E.P.I.C. APM to the rescue!

With the CA APM 9.7 release, CA introduces its Easy, Proactive, Intelligent and Collaborative (E.P.I.C.) APM strategy, a solution that creates a competitive advantage in the application economy by proactively managing the user experience. CA APM 9.7 is the first proof point in our E.P.I.C. APM strategy, starting an E.P.I.C. trend that will build with each new release.

E.P.I.C. APM delivers a solution that is, as the name suggests, easy, proactive, intelligent and collaborative across the application lifecycle. This means easy deployment of APM agents, including PHP, to get value in minutes. It means automatic visibility into each native mobile or web-based transaction. It means obtaining intelligence and insight of end-users’ interactions with your applications, from native mobile to mainframe.

And, it means E.P.I.C. APM acts as the catalyst for DevOps to fuel collaboration across the organization by providing a common vocabulary to analyze performance data, thereby instilling continuous performance improvements at every stage of the software lifecycle.

Finally, CA APM 9.7 is the first proof point in this E.P.I.C. APM Strategy from CA Technologies, starting an E.P.I.C. trend that will build with each new release.

Learn more about the E.P.I.C. APM Strategy, in a new eBook “E.P.I.C. Application Performance Management : Toward a Better APM Model for the Application Economy

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