We all own employee experience

A satisfying EX leads to employee engagement and inspired employees. But what drives employee engagement?

It is hard to imagine a disgruntled employee delighting customers, no matter how exemplary his or her work ethic. To have a chance at providing a superior customer experience, we need engaged and inspired employees.  A satisfying employee experience (EX) is what leads to employee engagement and inspired employees.

But whose responsibility is it to ensure that satisfying EX for any one particular employee? The employee’s manager? The employee’s colleagues? Or the employee?

The answer is all of the above.

Three drivers of employee engagement

While there are some drivers of employee engagement that management owns (for example compensation and benefits), there are many other drivers that all employees can influence for each other, and each employee can influence for him or herself.

  1. Personal connections

Having personal connections at work drives employee engagement. The personal connection can be with your manager, but it can also be with fellow employees. It is everyone’s responsibility to make an effort to join the pack—and to avoid being the lone wolf.  This means maintaining a friendly, open demeanor.  It means participating in team activities, and actively seeking opportunities to connect. At CA, each office sponsors local events and many teams also organize offsite events for teambuilding, socializing and education. But making connections can also mean asking a colleague to join you for coffee.

  1. Recognizing achievements

Recognizing achievements also drives employee engagement. While managers often provide recognition, employees can take advantage of opportunities to acknowledge colleagues for achievements and effort.  At CA, we have global, team and regional rewards and recognition programs.  Most depend on employees nominating their peers.  We also have a system that allows employees to send each other celebratory e-cards.  But we don’t need an organized program to tell our colleagues that we appreciate their effort, to congratulate them on an achievement, or to wish them a happy birthday.

  1. Positive culture

These drivers of employee engagement, and others, are not possible without a positive culture that sets high standards for the types of behavior that employees can expect from management, and from each other. At CA, we have publicly declared our “Mission” to remove barriers for our customers.  To achieve our mission, it is critical that all employees exemplify CA’s “DNA” behaviors and be customer-centric, collaborative, self-aware, authentic, creative, agile, resilient, results-oriented and socially aware and demonstrate uncompromising integrity.

You know from past blogs that I am immersed in CA Technologies’ customer experience transformation. The flywheel of progress is turning but we’ve recently raised the bar with “CX 2020,” a plan that sets the vision for what CA would like customer experience to look like in the future.

Inspired employees

Achieving that vision will happen with inspired employees delivering products that matter wrapped in a superior customer experience.

Serving up a satisfying EX to inspire those employees is the responsibility of us all.

How do you help serve up EX that inspires? I’d love to know.


Dayton is general manager Global Customer Success at CA Technologies. His team is dedicated to…


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