We went to IBM Think ’18 and here’s our recap of the show

We shared how we're fueling the digital enterprise from mobile to mainframe at IBM Think '18.

As a key partner in the IBM ecosystem, CA Technologies was a Level 1 sponsor of this year’s IBM Think 2018 which took place in Las Vegas. We had a booth located in the Cloud and Data Campus and a speaking session on the topic of enterprise cloud services. We’re fueling the digital enterprise from mobile to mainframe and that’s the main message we wanted to convey to Think’s global audience at the show.

We saw some really cool things, like this Quantum Computer brought in by IBM:

We saw a visit from Doc Brown from Back to the Future.

It’s no DeLorean, but this Aston Martin will do.

The IBM Services Progress Bar treated conference attendees to Vanilla Latte Cold Brew and engaging customer case studies through 3D Printed objects relating to different industries.

Can you spot which mannequin is real?

The show floor was large, busy and engaging. The CA Technologies booth was located in the Cloud and Data Campus.

One of the things we noticed about IBM Think was that there were more enterprise level architects, designers, and engineers which is helpful in helping people at the enterprise level gain an understanding of our platform.

Many people came by the booth specifically asking about Project Brightside, who were eager to see it from hearing about it from CA World ’17.

Topics like GDPR were popular and we had many customers ask about it.

On Monday, every mainframe session was overflowing. Here’s a photo from the hallways after the mainframe sessions let out!


Packed as far as the eyes could see! Mainframe was clearly relevant to the Think audience.

The show kicked off on Monday evening where Ashok Reddy, our GM of DevOps, went live on TheCube:

Watch the YouTube Video here:

The next day, booth hours kicked off early at 8:00AM and we had a packed house:

Throughout the day, our IBM partners came to visit and we captured some of their thoughts about our partnership:

Interested? Learn more about CA Technologies Solutions for IBM Cloud Managed Services on z Systems here.

CA Veracode is at the forefront of security evolution. We were excited to have our team at Think to talk about our solutions that maximize container/app performance, accelerate DevSecOps and make security a competitive advantage.

At our booth, we highlighted important new analytics capabilities, exclusive development offerings and security solutions. People came by and engaged with our subject matter experts and hear about our solutions. Here’s a glimpse of what our subject matter experts had to say:

We hosted a Breakfast Reception at the House of Blues where Greg Lotko, our GM of Mainframe, shared his thoughts on what he hoped the IBM Think audience would get out of CA’s presence at the show:

On Wednesday we hosted the panel, “Enterprise Cloud Services: Fueling Successful Digital Transformation at State of Arizona.” We discussed how State of Arizona and other leading companies are employing cloud-first strategies and how solutions from IBM and CA Technologies are enabling digital transformation.

Watch the full panel discussion here:

We were lucky to catch Suzan from the State of Arizona after the panel discussion. Here’s what she had to say:

We were proud to have global representation at the show! Robson Jardim gave the Portuguese audience a special message:

We received a nice shout-out from tech influencer, Evan Kirstel:

We were identified as a Social Media Influencer at the conference by several entities:

We were also excited to share the launch of our CA 360 site with the Think Audience.

Step inside CA 360°, a world-class digital transformation center where you’ll discover the latest in agility, DevOps and cybersecurity—all in immersive virtual reality.

Thank you, IBM Think ’18! We had a blast!

Lina Forrestal
Lina Forrestal (formerly Lina Roque) moved to the Boston area from New York to attend…


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