CA Creates a Network Monitoring Picture Worth a Thousand Words

by April 1, 2019

CA’s latest NetOps 19.1 release continues our portal unification and enables simple understanding of real-time device status based on alarm state from CA Spectrum via inventory, performance views, and context pages.

Since the beginning of civilization, human kind has relied on illustrations and visuals to explain and better react to complex situations. The current era of connected self aware network devices with intelligent capabilities is no different and the same age old principle of visuals hold true . A visual context adds a layer of network monitoring simplicity on top of already complex network environments and as some have rightly said  “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

With the latest release of CA NetOps v19.1, we bring together a unified and logical view across fault, performance and flow for modern architectures like SDN, SD-WAN, Cisco Meraki and AWS, along with traditional networks to simplify your job of network monitoring to better serve your customers and users.  We have given life to the powerful idea of improving simplicity by using illustrations and visuals at a device level. Now our NetOps Portal shows real time device status information based on alarm state from CA Spectrum.

In addition to the real time status, network operators continue to have the ability to correlate network alarms and open – in context – performance and flow views with minimal clicks. Network operators can now drill down into granular details of devices and interfaces as per a fault remediation process.

Network Operators can now easily navigate the NetOps Portal to view network monitoring alarms and see corresponding status of devices.

network monitoring

As a network operator reviews an alarm, they also have the ability to drill down into a context page for that alarm where details of IP performance are surfaced.

network monitoring

IP performance will showcase network performance and flow information corresponding to a particular interface based on that alarm.

network monitoring

Our continuing efforts to enhance your CA network monitoring experience are focused towards operational simplicity and awareness, elimination the number of tool sets used and to provide a unified view across the fault, performance and flow.  This reduces the need to open up CA Spectrum, CA Performance Management or CA Network Flow Analysis on separate windows or admin consoles to access the data you need to quickly triage network issues.

Our efforts continue to add up to improving MTTR, reducing learning cycles across tool sets and faster reaction time for network monitoring professionals while ultimately meeting our end goal of improving the application and user experience that rely on network delivery.

Register here for our April 10, 2019 feature release webcast: “What’s New in CA Network Operations Analytics v19.1” to see these features discussed and demoed and get your questions answered by our Product Management team.

Check out the NetOps 19.1 Unified Portal deep dive video below…