AIOps and Monitoring: Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate

by November 29, 2018

Why more organizations are choosing a combined platform approach


Some things just go better together. Macaroni and cheese. Pen and paper. Tom and Jerry. Scully and Mulder. Hardware and Software. And yes, peanut butter and chocolate. In many cases the individual elements are great by themselves, but often there’s a 1 + 1 = 3 thing happening. Still, in some cases you absolutely need the pairing to get the most benefit and value. I suggest that AIOps and Monitoring is one such duo.

AIOps use AI techniques, machine learning and advanced algorithms and applies these to the big data derived from various IT and business monitoring tools. The point of AIOps is to enhance IT Operations ability to make faster, smarter and even automatic decisions to deliver services to its customers with better user experience, greater innovation and efficiency.

It’s evident that without monitoring data on which to operate, AIOps alone seems almost theoretical. This data provides grist for the mill giving the advanced analytics something to chew on. CA Digital Experience Insights is an open, integrated and flexible AIOps-driven platform. Integrated because it includes CA’s full stack monitoring capabilities across users, applications, infrastructure and networks. Open, because of 30+ integrations with 3rd party monitoring solutions. Flexible because it can be deployed via public, private or hybrid cloud.

The openness and integration of CA’s AIOps platform is achieved through a unified data lake and powerful advanced analytics which leverage open technologies such as Elasticsearch, Kibana and Apache® Spark™. Monitoring tools pour into this data lake things like metrics, alarms, topology information, logs, text and wire data. That’s where operational intelligence is applied to normalize, correlate and analyze the data. Infused in the solution is CA’s domain experience across all aspects of IT monitoring and management. And, it leverages CA’s industry leading application performance management, infrastructure management and network management capabilities.

aiops platform

Some competing ‘AIOps platforms’ fall short of the mark, providing only one dimension in solving a multidimensional problem and can require a lot of setup and configuration before even being ready to start ingesting data. While another class of solutions focuses on monitoring with some ‘AIOps lite’ applied on top. Both fall short of the ideal duo that comprises an integrated AIOps platform.

More and more organizations are seeking a platform approach to monitoring according to Nancy Gohring, 451 Research. In this video Nancy talks about the platform advantage and how it helps break down monitoring silos.

With CA Digital Experience Insights, you get the best of both worlds: an integrated AIOps platform that still provides openness through integration with 3rd party monitoring solutions.

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