Better Together: AIOps & Automation

by May 20, 2019

See how AIOps & Intelligent Automation can help fuel better customer experiences at Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference

For today’s businesses, delivering optimized, high-value digital experiences isn’t just important, it’s a matter of survival. Customer’s predominantly interact with businesses through digital channels and expect nothing short of a problem-free experience – meaning the experience you deliver can truly make or break your business. Consequently, the pressures on IT teams continue to mount as they strive to track and manage service levels, while contending with the increasingly dynamic, hybrid, and distributed nature of their computing environments.

As a result, organizations are rapidly adopting AI first strategies. But, how do these AIOps technologies truly enable a new level of digital experience?

Combating the Challenge of Too Much Data

Dealing with the increased volume, variety and velocity of data coming from today’s modern technologies like cloud, containers, software-defined networks has brought about major challenges for IT teams trying to maintain and deliver optimal service levels.  And while it seems delivering optimized service levels only continues to get more critical, meeting this objective only continues to get more challenging.

In order to silence the noise and create apps that are truly self-healing, IT teams need systems that can automate problem recognition and the execution of multiple corresponding steps to fully remediate issues across complex hybrid IT environments. The only way to achieve this is to shift from a point tool monitoring approach to a platform oriented approach in order to eliminate the current silos of monitoring and automation tools.

CA Technologies, A Broadcom Company offers a combined AIOps and Intelligent Automation solution which provides teams with the proactive, automated remediation capabilities needed to fuel superior user experiences, while offering fundamental breakthroughs in scale and efficiency.

If you’ll be attending Gartner’s IT Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference June 4-5 in Frankfurt, Germany join us to learn more about our AIOps and Automation solutions:

  • Stop by our booth to see a demo
  • Join Broadcom’s Kieran Taylor and Ralf Paschen as they share Best Practices to Achieve AI-Driven Autonomous Operations – attend the session on Tuesday, June 4 at 12:00 PM

We look forward to meeting you at the conference.  

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