CA APM Middleware and IBM DataPower Transaction Enablement with Nastel AutoPilot Insight

by May 17, 2018

By: Andreas Reiss, VP SWAT Innovation


Middleware technologies are used to simplify communications between applications. Unfortunately, middleware is often a black hole for production support who see messages enter it, but never come out, making it difficult to troubleshoot application performance problems.

CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) is now enabled by the Nastel AutoPilot Insight solution to eliminate the ‘middleware black hole’ and extend monitoring capabilities for an end to end transactional view across Middle Tier architecture components like IBM WebSphere MQ and IBM Datapower.

Correlating transactions through Datapower with in detail transaction handling provides us the key insights into the performance and health of each individual transaction and sub flows through a DataPower appliance.

Let’s have a look at a very basic example of a typical application with transactions across multiple tiers.

middleware monitoring


Our unique integration allows you to monitor all components in the system by directly identifying the transaction and health status of the Datapower appliance.

The experience of the Datapower appliance is showing some problems and the right panel already detected a problematic transaction blaming the Mediator component listening on the reply queue as a root cause.

middleware monitoring


CA APM in combination with Nastel AutoPilot Insight automatically discovered the transactional map in CA APM Team Center.

middleware monitoring


The Datapower transaction is discovered and by expanding the “Middleware Communication” section, we get a detailed transactional picture of how the system leverages all MQ PUT and GET transactions on individual queues.

middleware monitoring


All of this information is made possible by the End to End correlation transaction traces.

middleware monitoring


Interested to see more? Watch our live demo presentation recorded live at CA World 2017 in Las Vegas.