CA Application Performance Management for CA Single Sign-On

by October 18, 2017

CA Application Performance Management for CA Single Sign-On (CA APM for CA SSO) provides advanced performance management tools for the CA SSO production environment. This solution helps you monitor critical components and isolate application bottlenecks, improving the availability of the CA APM for CA SSO solution and overall customer experience.

This integration allows you to view performance metric data from CA SSO in CA APM and helps to monitor the performance impact of CA SSO on distributed web applications and web services.

With this latest release, CA APM for CA SSO 13.1,  we have simplified the installation and configuration process – allowing you to set up CA APM for CA SSO in just a few clicks!


How to Install and Configure CA Application Performance Management 10.5.2 with CA SSO 13.1: 

Before you can install agents, you must first configure the downloaded Enterprise Manager installation images for communication with the Application Performance Management server. You can pre-configure installation image two ways:

  • EP Agent is installed and configured with Enterprise Manager
  • Policy Server or Web Agent is installed


After downloading the required zip/tar file to the required server, extract the content (for this example I have extracted the Linux .tar file at /ca/APM/13.1).

  1. Start the EP agent and stop the policy server or Web Agent and run the installer as .bin or .exe as appropriate.
  2. Complete installation steps – START

When this is done, you can start Reconfiguration as shown below (full details on agent configuration can be found on DocOps: CA APM for CA SSO 13.1).

Source WA Environment Variable:

application performance management


Check that Webserver is down:

application performance management


Traverse to installer folder:

application performance management


Launch the installer:

application performance management


Select home folder for APM SSO 13.1:

application performance management

Enter EPAgent Config details:

application performance management

Enter the complete path of WA config file:

application performance management


Preinstall summary:

application performance management

Post install, success message:

application performance management

Traverse to log folder in selected install home, export APM SSO log path variable:

application performance management


Restart web server

application performance management



The Benefits

With this integration, transactions brokered by CA SSO Web Agents are tracked and reported to CA Application Performance Management. CA Environmental Performance Agents (EPAgents) handle forwarding statistics from many different Web Agent transactions to a central CA APM collection point.

CA APM Dashboards, Type Views, and Team Center display give both CA SSO and CA APM operations people superior visibility and management of their total application deployment.


To see first-hand just how simple the install and configuration process is, watch this video:



By: Saroj Swain, Software Engineering Manager