CA Application Performance Management .NET Agent Now Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

by September 6, 2017

View Azure performance metrics in CA Application Performance Management in a single dashboard


In English, Azure is used to describe anything blue like a cloudless sky, interesting word for a vendor, which is arguably growing twice as fast as even AWS. Although AWS does have a huge market share, it is no surprise however to find enterprises deploying applications in Microsoft Azure.

The .NET Agent for Microsoft Azure App Services allows enterprises running .NET applications in Microsoft Azure to identify and resolve performance issues. The .NET Agent for Microsoft Azure App Services integrates performance metrics into CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) for intelligent analytics, alerting, and visibility on a single dashboard. The Azure Site Extension makes enabling monitoring of Azure applications really easy with a minimum number of clicks.

Here are the steps to install and configure the CA APM .NET Agent for Microsoft Azure App Services:


Pre-requisites:  If you don’t already have an APM Instance, you can sign-up for a free 30-day trial of CA Application Performance Management, available through CA Digital Experience Insights, here.

To add the CA APM .NET extension to your App service:

  1. Navigate to your App service in the Microsoft Azure portal
  2. Select the Extension from the left menu tab
  3. Click + add, select the CA APM .NET Agent for Azure App Services from the list of available extensions
  4. Click ok to accept license terms and click ok to install the extension

application performance management



Once installed, the extension must be configured with the APM Server details. To do so, navigate to the App Settings of the App service to configure the Site Extensions.

application performance management


Once configured, the site extension helps you manage the performance of applications deployed in Azure right from the End User experience. With 100% transaction visibility, you get insights into the end user experience and application performance, helping you find the source of the problems quickly.

application performance management



application performance management

Learn more about CA APM

To get more information on the .Net features in CA Application Performance Management, visit  or register for a free 30-day trial.