CA Technologies Partners With StreamWeaver for Third-Party Data Integration

by November 2, 2018

Third-party data integration hasn’t always been easy. In the past, it could take months, requiring large financial investments and forcing developers into low-value integration coding.   With the advent of open source technologies, APIs, and analytics, there’s a new approach to help solve this issue. CA Technologies is extremely excited to announce a partnership with StreamWeaver, an integration automation company that gives IT organizations the ability to connect their ITOM tools and systems quickly and painlessly. CA will be using StreamWeaver to bring in third-party operations data into CA Operational Intelligence, a core component of CA’s AIOps platform.

CA Operational Intelligence is an advanced analytics solution in the market that provides users with comprehensive insights by ingesting data across performance monitoring tools and third-party sources. This data is put into a single, extensive data lake, eliminating the need for IT Ops teams to create and maintain a central data repository. Machine learning-driven analytics then give insights to users on metric, event, topology, text, and log data. Users can use this information to deliver a phenomenal user experience to their customers, improve service quality and drive operational efficiencies.

At no additional cost, customers will be able to integrate StreamWeaver with CA Operational Intelligence, eliminating the difficulty it generally takes to access normalized operations data across a company’s entire IT domain. By making it easier to integrate with third party data resources, users will not only maximize the value of their CA Operational Intelligence investment, but they will also increase the efficiency with which CA’s ML powered algorithms proactively resolve incidents. As CA General Manager of Agile Operations, Ali Siddiqui, explains, “The addition of StreamWeaver augments the value of CA Operational Intelligence by ensuring third-party operations data can be consumed by its core machine-learning algorithms. With this integration we will be able to operate in today’s, complex, multi-vendor environments.”

StreamWeaver will be available with CA Operational Intelligence in the last quarter of this calendar year in an on prem capacity and will expand with a SaaS delivery option in the first quarter of 2019. To learn more about this new strategic partnership, visit StreamWeaver’s informational page. If you want to learn more about CA Operational Intelligence and it’s different capabilities, visit our product page.