Deploy Your Network Monitoring Software in Minutes

by May 13, 2019

CA Spectrum dockerization enables you to bring up your network monitoring software in a snap.

Container adoption is growing, that is a fact, so why not deploying your network monitoring software with docker? Portability, efficiency and deployment speed are the key benefits of dockerized CA Spectrum.

No more long lists of pre-requisites, large footprint and time consuming upgrades. Having CA Spectrum running in a docker container offers multiple benefits that can be leveraged by your NetOps team with no additional effort. Let’s take a look at how to do it.

This technical post explains how to deploy a dockerized CA Spectrum instance in minutes by instantiating an all-in-one image that contains a OneclickServer and SpectroServer. No matter if deployed by an orchestrator or if running as a standalone container, dockerized CA Spectrum will enable you to build a network monitoring software sandbox environment to quickly showcase the solution, test an integration or use it as a network data collector. All we need to get started is a machine with docker installed.

If you simply want to kick off a dockerized CA Spectrum instance run:

docker run -it –name ls1 -e LANDSCAPE_HANDLE=128 -e IS_MLS=yes -e ROOT_PASSWORD=<password>.qaperf184 -e TOMCAT_PORT=8080 -p 9090:8080

Make sure you specify the password to access your OneClick instance.

In case you want to start CA Spectrum with an existing database backup, you will need to create a docker volume first:

docker volume create my-vol

Then, copy your database backup to the mount point of your volume, that can be obtained by running:

docker volume inspect my-vol

Create a folder inside of the mount point first, then copy the database backup:

mkdir -p /var/lib/docker/volumes/my-vol/_data/spectrum/ls1
cp db_20190220_1410.SSdb.gz /var/lib/docker/volumes/my-vol/_data/spectrum/ls1

When the container starts-up, it will pick this backup database up from the mount point and load it.

So let’s get CA Spectrum up and running:

docker run -it –name ls1 -v my-vol:/data -e LANDSCAPE_HANDLE=128 -e IS_MLS=yes -e ROOT_PASSWORD=<password>.qaperf184 -e PERSISTENT_LOCATION=spectrum/ls1 -e TOMCAT_PORT=8080 -p 9090:8080

Note that the docker run commands contain the variable PERSISTENT_LOCATION that is being used as storage to place the backup to load.

The previous command will download the CA Spectrum docker image and install the SpectroServer and OneClick all-in-one. In a matter of minutes, CA Spectrum OneClick will be available and ready for use:

That’s it! As you can see, the time to value (TTV) is very low, enabling the user to quickly deploy a full CA Spectrum network monitoring software instance for POCs, testing or as a network management collector to feed your AIOps data lake.

Let me know how your dockerized instance of CA Spectrum is going! Leave me comments below…