It’s Time to Take APM Up To 11

by June 21, 2019

Introducing DX APM 11

Why APM needs to be taken to the extreme

Those of us who have been in the APM industry for a while have seen APM solutions evolve to meet the growing demands of IT Organizations and Application Developers. APM solutions started as simply understanding the performance and health of applications through basic metric collection and quickly evolved to collecting transaction performance through byte-code instrumentation.  As applications became critical elements to the business, we saw APM solutions evolve to understand the user experience and digital performance across web and mobile devices.  We are again at a critical inflection point in the evolution of APM solutions where digital initiatives, modern architectures, vast amounts of monitoring data, new development process, and business pressures are pushing APM solutions to the extreme.

That’s right APM solutions need to evolve into an intelligent platform with analytics, machine learning, and automation or face its demise as a single one-off tool.  We saw this trend coming and have been aggressively investing in the innovations needed to evolve our APM solution. 

Taking DX APM up to 11

As a result of anticipating new market pressures and customer’s need to provide additional value as part of their digital transformation initiatives, we are proud to be introducing DX APM 11.  DX APM 11 is taking our current APM innovations to the next level with new AIOps capabilities, a radical new architecture, and continued capabilities to support today’s modern application architectures.

Deliver Operational Efficiencies with Actionable Intelligence using AI/ML

Our AIOps solution, a key part of DX APM, helps teams simplify and speed triage through automatic anomaly detection, alarm clustering, and suppression and complete diagnostic insights from app to infrastructure.  The solution utilizes our AIOps platform for analytics and machine learning techniques across various data types providing faster autonomous remediation and insights into the user experience that help to drive better business outcomes and operational efficiencies. 

Gain Insights into Digital Experience

DX APM enables users to gain a 360-degree view of user experience, performance, and app usage from both a real-user and synthetic perspective. Our solution provides real-time insights into user experience across omnichannel, user behavior, journeys, funnel analytics along with code-level visibility into app problems or crashes.  Gaining insights into the digital experience is a key requirement for IT Operations to support digital initiatives and align with business KPIs and goals.

Discover, Trace and Diagnose Application Issues

DX APM automatically discovers and traces application transactions from the user to backend support infrastructure and cloud services.  A powerful topology model lays the foundation for analytics and guided workflows to find the culprit of an issue easily.  Assisted Triage has been improved to determine the culprit of an issue easily and provides an evidence timeline showing the timing, duration, relationships, and errors of application components.  New Foreign Attributes allows users to create customized attributes that provide additional user-specific context to the topology content for easy persona-driven, task-based orientation.

Monitor Modern Application Architectures

As seen in previous releases, DX APM provides support for modern architectures, such as PHP, Node.JS, MongoDB, Docker Containers, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Azure, Amazon Web Services, and more. Our solution is built to instantly detect, discover, and monitor microservices-based clusters, projects, services, pods, or containers together with hosted apps and underlying supporting infrastructure or cloud services.  In the latest release, we continue to evolve functionality to support modern application architectures with a new Universal Monitoring Agent that makes it easier to monitor modern applications and infrastructures with smart instrumentation.  Stay tune for a future blog on this topic along with additional detailed features designed specifically for dynamic, ephemeral environments.

Achieve Enterprise Scale and Ease Administration

DX APM, built on our open and scalable AIOps solution, quickly scales to meet the performance requirements of the most demanding environments.  An open platform based on a microservices architecture allows for easy scaling of services, quick onboarding of new tenant, and easy upgrading.

With these capabilities, DX APM can help you ensure a positive end-user experience across a broad range of application environments, improve operational efficiencies, and lower the total cost of ownership for managing and maintaining the environment. 

Are you ready to take your APM up to 11?

To learn more about the capabilities in this latest release, watch our webcast, What’s New in DX APM.