CA APM Now Provides Proactive Monitoring for Red Hat OpenShift

by June 4, 2018


As cloud platforms such as OpenShift gain traction in the enterprise, traditional monitoring approaches that once worked well for monolithic application architectures have become ineffective due to the increased complexity and change. What’s now needed are modern approaches that are enabled to keep track of application performance across these dynamic environments without overburdening teams with complex maps and manual thresholding that just generate noise and false-alarms.

At CA, we have built our Application Performance Management (APM) solution to help provide immediate performance insight into applications and microservices deployed and managed by OpenShift and are proud to be a Red Hat Certified Technology Partner.

“Powered by AIOps and machine learning, CA’s solution compliments the RedHat OpenShift platform by bringing in the necessary businesses insights into application performance and infra-structure health to help customers build better apps faster and achieve successful digital trans-formation.” – Sushil Kumar, SVP of Product Management, CA Technologies

OpenShift Monitoring with CA APM – Put an End to Alert Fatigue

CA APM for OpenShift can help you ensure app performance and deliver a positive customer experience by providing complete visibility into each layer of your environment, from app-to-infrastructure. With agentless configuration options and dynamic monitoring, CA APM automatically detects and maps new OpenShift clusters and projects – so you no longer have to deal with time-consuming configurations or instrumentations.

openshift monitoring

CA APM App-to-Infra Layers


With experience and role-based management options (Universes), you can easily simplify complex topology maps into role-based views allowing teams to quickly see the data relevant to them.

openshift monitoring

CA APM Universes


CA APM also uses advances analytics and machine learning to predict problems and anomalies in your environment while reducing alert false-positives, so your teams can quickly remediate issues before the customer experience is impacted.

openshift monitoring

CA APM Experience View and Analysis Notebook


Most importantly, CA APM is built and proven to scale to monitor thousands, even millions of microservices for fast data collection.

How to Get Started

CA APM for OpenShift is easy to install and quick to detect, so you can start gaining performance insights immediately. Our solution is available in the Red Hat Container Catalog and is also available as a free 30-day trial.

If you’d like to learn more you can also connect with one of our experts by requesting a personalized demo.