PODCAST: Today’s Network Monitoring Challenges, A Discussion with Robert Kettles, Broadcom Sr NetOps Consultant

by June 5, 2019

Robert Kettles started off as a field engineer at Cabletron Systems supporting LAN/WAN switching and routing solutions along with their relatively new network management platform:  Spectrum.  Over two decades layer, he continues to help customers solve network fault and performance management challenges; particularly in the telecommunications and financial services sectors.  His recent work involves advanced event correlation procedures, integration of Syslog data, and enhancing tool adoption and collaboration with various customers.   

Robert received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and a Masters of Science degree in Information Systems Engineering from Polytechnic University (now the NYU Tandon School of Engineering).  He is an active contributor to the CA Communities forums.       

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-kettles-375459