The Benefits of SaaS Application Performance Monitoring

by October 4, 2017

Top 5 reasons to try APM SaaS today


While you may know CA Technologies as an innovator in the world of Application Performance Monitoring and Management (APM) for more than 15 years, you may not know that we also offer a SaaS APM option. Our SaaS Application Performance Management is available along with App Experience Analytics and infrastructure management within our SaaS-based digital experience monitoring and analytics solution, Digital Experience Insights.

Here are the top five reasons you should check out APM SaaS today:

1. APM SaaS includes a demo app so you can check out APM in action even before deploying any monitoring to your app.

One of the most common requests we hear is requesting a test drive of APM without impacting organizational systems.  So what could be better than using “Walk Me” guides to see APM auto-detect an app problem, organize the evidence into Analysis Notebook and direct you to the suspected Culprit root cause from a demo application.  There is nothing to deploy in your environment or your application until you are ready.

application performance monitoring

Figure 1: Experience View displays monitoring for a Demo Application (comprised of a Trading Service and Reporting Service) so users can navigate and triage an app issue before even deploying any monitoring into your own application.


2. Smart agents make it easy to start monitoring your own application.

When you are ready to begin monitoring your application, smart agents make it easy to get started.  Simply follow the 1-2-3 steps to choose Unix/Linux/Windows OS, select your agent for download (such as Tomcat, JBoss, Node.js, PHP or many others), then follow the steps for where to extract the agent archive and enable it within your application.

There is no collector to install; simply enable an agent for your app.

Once the agent connects into APM you can quickly extend functionality to your own applications.  That means having APM auto-discover business transactions and automatically map your app relationship topology. APM will automatically display user experience and performance for your business transactions, with at-a-glance status insight populated on APM Experience View.

APM also learns what is normal for your application using patented Differential Analysis, which together with Assisted Triage capabilities helps you identify root cause when performance degrades or app errors crop up.

application performance monitoring

Figure 2: Agents are downloaded as an archive (.zip/.tar) with simple instructions how to enable in your application environment. Users can download, enable and begin monitoring within minutes.


3. APM SaaS includes APM Infrastructure Agent for extending visibility into containers and platforms.

In addition to monitoring your application transactions, APM SaaS also provides visibility into associated app Infrastructure – including host platform and container performance. CA has been leading the charge in App-to-Infrastructure correlation for many years. This is one further example where APM extends visibility, for instance into Docker Containers where your applications and microservices are running.  In fact, CA APM has been recognized as one of the top APM vendors for managing app performance in complex, dynamic environments such as Docker.

With infrastructure made visible in context of app performance, APM allows teams to see important dependencies and quickly toggle between the APM app maps from application/component topology to infrastructure. Combined with powerful APM patented Perspectives this means you can pivot views specific to your environment and your app team users.

application performance monitoring

Figure 3: Applications are dependent upon the infrastructure where they run. APM SaaS offers Infrastructure monitoring for key platforms such as Docker and Openshift for added visibility in context of your application performance.


4. APM SaaS includes extended insight into user experience to provide true end-to-end visibility.

Beyond business transaction monitoring like all Application Performance Monitoring vendors offer today, APM SaaS provide richer insight into end users sessions and digital experience – linking the individual functions and services a user navigated within your app. App Experience Analytics analyzes performance from the end-user perspective, organizing mobile and web users by a variety of demographics including Geo Location, Device, OS, Carrier and more. App teams can diagnose mobile app crashes and understand which business transactions within a user session account for the most delay, and can leverage APM tracing and analysis to pinpoint root cause within the app tiers. App Experience Analytics is enabled with your APM SaaS trial as a part of Digital Experience Insights, offering monitoring for both web browser and mobile end user experience integrated with your application performance management capability for true end-to-end business transaction monitoring.

app analytics

Figure 4: App teams can investigate individual user sessions, understand how that user navigated through the application, analyzing each app event and web request/response including capturing screenshots for mobile.


5. APM SaaS showcases the very latest capabilities of APM including the latest visualizations and machine learning.

With APM SaaS, there is nothing to maintain in your environment aside from deploying an agent for data collection.  There is no server-side repository nor any intermediary collector to standup.  Simply deploy your Agent and begin leveraging APM analysis.  CA APM engineering takes care of the rest, including bi-weekly releases to ensure access to the very latest in application performance monitoring innovation.  So sit back, relax, and let CA APM assisted triage begin to work for you.

application performance monitoring

Figure 5: Analytics and reporting capabilities, such as here in Data Studio, are continually updated with the latest enhancements and capabilities.

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