Why Synthetic Monitoring is Essential to Providing a Flawless User Experience

by December 15, 2017

E-Commerce Sales Are on the Rise – Is Your Website Ready?


In the digital age, the idea of shopping online from the convenience of your home has become more appealing to the masses – with US online sales growing 15.6% in 2016. Forcing traditional retailers to morph into e-commerce businesses and compete with the likes of Amazon and Overstock just to keep their customers happy.

However, this shift brings about many new challenges in terms of monitoring and performance – and failure to provide a flawless user experience can leave a lasting (negative) impression.

Because when your website becomes your business, it’s important that it’s working properly.

Downtime = Unhappy Customers = Lost Revenue

Today’s online shoppers have high expectations. With no tolerance for slow load times and outages, a poor online experience can ruin your brand. For example, recently Lululemon, a Canadian-based athletic apparel retailer focused on expanding its e-commerce business, suffered a major online outage, causing them not only lost sales, but frustrated customers and a hit to their reputation.

And it’s not just smaller retailers who face these challenges. Even e-commerce giants like Amazon can fall victim; suffering from an outage of about 40 minutes cost them losses of nearly $4.8 million dollars a few years back – showing you that time really is money.

The Need for a Synthetic Monitoring Solution

In order to avoid costly outages, having the right monitoring solutions in place is essential. While having some form of Real User Monitoring (RUM) is obvious, one major flaw is that you only know you have a problem when a real-user has experienced it. Queue synthetics.

By employing a synthetic monitoring solution, you can be assured that your site is monitored 24×7 regardless of whether you have real user traffic. Should anything go wrong, you’d be alerted immediately and can work to triage and repair the problem before your customers are affected.

But that’s not all it can do! Synthetic monitoring can also be leveraged to:

  • Monitor key transactions without affecting your users: Verify every single step in a click path or transaction using scripts – so you can be sure that key transactions (like logins, and shopping cart checkouts) are working properly.
  • Test new features before they go live: Rolling out a new feature on your website? Great! But how can you be sure it’s working properly? With synthetic monitoring, you can test the performance of new features before real users come in, allowing you to identify any bottlenecks or issues without impacting the customer experience.
  • Proactively monitor performance globally: Your website may be working in the US, but do you know how it’s performing across the globe? With synthetic monitoring, you can test your website from multiple locations around the world and identify which locations may be having performance issues.

Online sales will continue to grow so don’t let your website fall behind. Start using synthetic monitoring today and deliver the flawless experience your customers expect.