The Latest in NetOps Monitoring for Cisco and Versa SD-WAN

by April 2, 2019

CA’s NetOps 19.1 release simplifies Cisco Vipela and Versa SD-WAN management to help you optimize costs and validate the best path for application delivery.

We all know that SD-WAN is the hottest software-defined technology at the moment. But is it really optimized to save you money and also delivery an application experience your customers expect? Luckily SD-WAN vendors such as Cisco and Versa are providing rich programming APIs that enables your NetOps solutions from CA to leverage high-volume SD-WAN performance trend data along with capacity, cost, and projection analytics to evaluate the performance of non-guaranteed transports along with the quality of service of your WAN applications to balance cost and quality.

How are we doing it in the latest release of CA NetOps 19.1? Let’s break it down here with a familiar use case…

Use Case: I need to understand how my Cisco Viptela or Versa SD-WAN infrastructure performs and supports my policies.

Basically, you need to your monitor SD-WAN networks to ensure site availability via contextual alarms, performance, and traffic metrics related to your policy defined applications.

With the latest release of NetOps 19.1, we help our customers:

Simplify NetOps with unified workflows combining REST, Alarm, SNMP, and Flow data. Quickly understand the WAN performance across multiple protocols and data sources to solve problems fast.

Reduce the alarm noise and surface the right data at your fingertips. Easy identification of problem sites or connections tied to your WAN providers or your own infrastructure.

Enhance operator visibility across complex, modern technologies. Generated threshold alarms on control and data plane inventory to better understand when and why problems are or could be occurring

Ensure policy based performance via our “Trusted Application Paths”. Easily understand how your infrastructure supports your application policies to deliver applications across your WAN balancing both cost and end-user experience

If you are able to optimize the user experience by knowing which WAN path your applications should take for reliable performance, you get immediate ROI on your Cisco Viptela and Versa SD-WAN technology investments.

Figure 1: Interactive SD-WAN Geo map delivers real time WAN status and performance.
Figure 2: Simplifying operations with clear understand of SD-WAN tunnel performance and congestion.
Figure 3: Easy access to flow data traversing your WAN for immediate triage of application issues.

Additionally, NetOps Fault (CA Spectrum 10.3.1) delivers major enhancements to Cisco Viptela and Versa SD-WAN Monitoring with full insights into how different sites, branch routers, directors and controllers are connected, including policy group information. This helps our customers:

  • Visually identify localized or wide area problems or outages
  • Easily view degraded or failed connectivity
  • Establish policies via overlay topology views on vSmart controller that provides vEdge router WAN link connectivity to provider network application classes (i.e. gold, silver, MPLS, etc.)  
  • Establish policies via overlay topology view for Versa Controller (VNF Manager) showing branch routers associated with SD WAN transports
  • Display associated policy and policy group information for branch routers
  • Visualize vEdges connections and their corresponding transport and SLA policies
  • Manage CA Spectrum Network Configuration Manager (NCM) and Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) for Cisco (Viptela) and Versa SD-WAN models
  • Reconcile Cisco Viptela and Versa entity data in CA Spectrum
  • Correlate CA Spectrum alarms to Cisco Viptela and Versa alarms to identify root cause.

With the release of our NetOps v19.1 solution, we are proud to deliver enhanced operational awareness and simplicity as we continue to converge the network monitoring solutions into a unified view of alarm, performance, and flow that ensures improved time to value and full visibility in a single tool across modern technologies like SD-WAN.

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