The Latest Release of CA Unified Infrastructure Management Brings Easier Deployment, More Coverage, and Auto-Remediation

by November 14, 2018

CA Technologies is excited to announce the release of CA Unified Infrastructure Management 9.0.2. CA UIM is the only solution that provides AI-driven analytics, comprehensive coverage of more than 200 technologies, and an open, extensible architecture. Check out the six biggest features that will come with this latest release.

Stronger Security & Compliance

TLS, which stands for “Transport Security Layer” is a protocol that allows digital services to communicate over the internet securely. UIM 9.0.2 will provide hardened security compliance with TLS 1.2 to ensure encryption across the communication between the database layer and 30+ Infrastructure probes. This support lets the UIM Server establish secure communication with the UIM database, without compromising on the product performance. UIM 9.0.2 will also begin to support Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and Oracle database 12c.

Modern, Intuitive User Interface

CA Unified Infrastructure Management 9.0.2 will bring an enhanced user interface that will give more visibility to all technologies being monitored. The Operator Console has been built using HTML5, creating a UI with smarter user experience workflows, richer out of box dashboards, and ad-hoc reporting capabilities.

Policy Based Alarm Configuration

You can now speed up your monitoring deployments and reduce complexity by enabling policy alarms against multiple metrics, regardless of the technology being monitored. This allows you to unify and centralize configurations of thresholds, messages, and actions.

Generic REST API based Monitoring

CA Unified Infrastructure Management can monitor a wide variety of different cloud tools, such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Nutanix. One cloud tool that isn’t currently on this list is the Google Cloud Platform. CA Unified Infrastructure Management 9.0.2 rectifies this issue by allowing users to leverage RESTMon probes to monitor any service, system, or application that you might not see on our integrations page.


With CA UIM 9.0.2, you can notify any 3rd party service, system or application on the occurrence of an alarm using web-hooks. This external application can include CA Automic, which can use this trigger to execute an automatic incident resolution to rectify the issue. Organizations can also use web-hooks to notify the extended team about alarms with Slack, or you can integrate with your own custom application.

Multi-Tenancy Enhancements

For organizations such as MSPs that support many instances of CA Unified Infrastructure Management, multi-tenancy enhancements that come with this new upgrade will allow for simplified configurations and granular tenancy control of metrics and alarms.


To get more details about the latest release of CA UIM, check out our upgrade page. Learn more about CA UIM and the value it has brought to our customers by visiting our product page.