Unified NetOps Explained

by March 20, 2019

Detailing our journey to unify the CA network monitoring products into a single NetOps tool that delivers operational simplicity and awareness to all our customers.

Over 25 years ago, CA pioneered the NetOps industry with best of breed network monitoring solutions in fault and performance management of traditional networks. You know them as CA Spectrum, the first in delivering alarm correlation and isolation and CA Performance Management which evolved from CA eHealth, the most scalable big data solution in the market. Then CA Mediation Manager for Non-SNMP devices like fiber optics, wireless backhaul, and cable HFC.  As networks became more congested, we added detailed traffic analysis via CA Network Flow Analysis. Then TCP and application response analysis via CA Application Delivery Analysis to address application performance in the network. More recently we launched our assurance solution for software-defined network monitoring called CA Virtual Network Assurance. These were and still are the “best in class” network monitoring solutions.

But as we all know now, networks today are consolidating to serve the needs of the digital economy.  Networks today share resources and are lean with nothing wasted. They are converging and are more dynamic and complex than ever before. From mobile to cloud, the lines are blurred for traditional networking and now a more intelligent network monitoring platform is needed. In order for you to have the visibility you need to manage and triage these new networks, we have converged our network monitoring solutions into CA NetOps and it is complemented with our AIOps artificial intelligence and machine learning platform.

CA NetOps converged architecture unifies all your monitoring metrics into an easy to consume portal that scales to meet the dynamism of modern architectures and delivers end-to-end coverage across any network.

So how are we doing it? Let’s break it down here…

We begin with the foundation of our unified NetOps platform, CA Performance Management and its native SNMP capabilities.

Then we unify CA Spectrum with its industry leading network discovery, fault suppression, with complete inventory and clear topology models of underlay and overlay networks.

Then we converge non-SNMP support via CA Mediation Manager, NetFlow data with integrations from CA Network Flow Analysis, and TCP insights down to the packets themselves from CA Application Delivery Analysis.

As you can see , we monitor all the Protocols needed to talk to the network layer, directly to the network elements themselves.

With integrations into CA Virtual Network Assurance we now have a path to monitor via modern protocols like Rest and Telemetry so we can tie directly into orchestrators and controllers to alleviate the complexity of managing modern networks. Now NetOps teams have the latest and greatest data in front of them for fast triage of old and new networks together.

All of this is streamed into a single view, with easy triage workflows of your network via CA Performance Center – which we now call the NetOps Portal.

For even more network intelligence and predictive capabilities, your NetOps data is organized,  “cleaned” and considered reliable for further analysis and then fed upstream into CA Operational Intelligence – a centralized and predictive analytics engine for cross domain knowledge and monitoring across not only the network but the application, infrastructure and user experience layers.

The entire CA AIOps platform enables IT teams to establish proactive, autonomous remediation capabilities across applications, infrastructure and networks that fuel superior user experiences.

Most importantly, all of this done for end-to-end coverage across all networks – from the enterprise and branch offices to the WAN and Service Provider networks to Data Centers, from hybrid cloud and even out to hosted cloud environments. Truly comprehensive NetOps coverage, across different market segments – across the Enterprise, Service Providers and MSPs – few vendors can state this type of end-to-end coverage.

Finally, now that CA is part of Broadcom, we will be applying our advanced NetOps analytics and monitoring to the entire family of Broadcom chipsets.

We are proud to be delivering ”Operational Simplicity” in a single NetOps tool, across multiple roles and we are here to help you discover that as well.

Watch the Unified NetOps Explainer video below…