What’s New in APM?

by September 27, 2017

Over the past 12 months, CA has released several new Application Performance Monitoring features that deliver market leading innovation balanced with meeting the needs of our enterprise customers.

Below are a few of the latest innovations delivered across CA Application Performance Management, CA App Experience Analytics and CA App Synthetic Monitor as well as a list of releases. 


  • Experience View – Business-focused view of what you are delivering to your customers and provides immediate answers the key question with minimal work: “What is the customer experience?”.  The experience view provides a summary of health across the entire application environment, displays the impact to the customer experience and provides users with any easy way to visualize problems and rising issues that could eventually cause performance issues.

application performance management


  • Assisted Triage & Analysis Notebook – Provides immediate answers to the question “why is the experience poor?” without all the manual digging around.  Assisted triage uses the underlying analytics of perspectives, timeline, differential analysis and combines this with our own knowledge of managing large enterprise applications to provide guided workflows for speeding application triage.  Problems and Anomalies organize and merge their evidence into folders, giving the overall look-and-feel extra polish and utility. It presents all the data related to an issue in a single view allowing even the novice user to easily determine the root of an issue. Surfaces differential analysis capabilities, for algorithmic and predictive analytics, in a more visible and usable way.

application performance monitoring

  • Zero-Configuration Agent – Automatic backend detection removes the need for custom configuration. It provides patent-pending technology that tracks start and end points along with everything in the middle of the trace.  It will add in extensions based on what it finds, for example if it finds calls to a MongoDB it will add in monitoring for that component.


  • Extensions Marketplace – Online extension marketplace for extending visibility to environments such as Docker, Apache Fuse, Nginx, RabbitMQ and more. CA APM Marketplace is also linked to the on-premise APM Command Center and SaaS agent configuration.


  • APM SQL – SQL interface to APM metric data store providing an ‘all-access’ pass to APM Data. SQL examples or cookbooks are provided to users for quick use.

application monitoring


New and Enhanced Integrations


    • CA App Experience Analytics & APM– in context drilldown from user sessions to backend performance issues.  Ability to drill into application transaction traces from App Experience Analytics, App Experience Analytics data contributes to application topology and allows user to create customized dashboards in data studio that show APM Transaction traces, UIM data and App Experience Analytics data.

app analytics

    • CA BlazeMeter – As organizations widely adopt continuous delivery methodologies to release new features and application to market faster, IT is challenged to keep pace with how these changes might impact performance.  By combining BlazeMeter with APM you are able to simulate a user’s experience and correlate this to the application performance details allowing you to identify issues before they impacting customer experience. Easily understand how peak traffic might affect your user’s experience and application performance and gain insights needed fix bottlenecks that might arise by using APM with BlazeMeter earlier in the development lifecycle. 
    • Precision API Monitoring – includes map integration, experience view integration (e.g. tiles that summarize the performance of the APIs in a gateway, or the performance of a cluster of gateways), and even assisted triage functionality.
    • Pager Duty Notifications for alerts lets you create notifications for alerts with PagerDuty, an incident resolution platform


Additional Feature Enhancements


  • APM Command Center Enhancements – Including centralized java agent configuration and extension deployment from the CA APM marketplace.  Also, allows user to deploy to collections of agents using named filters, for example, to a cluster of Tomcat instances running a specific set of applications.

application monitoring

  • Team Center & Perspectives– Out-of-the-box perspectives for AWS and Azure make cloud customers’ experiences easier and more intuitive.  Virtual back ends behave more intelligently, especially in cross-process environments.  New Layer view which shows the various layers of the application and infrastructure topology views to provide a visual representation of application and infrastructure dependencies.  It also provides additional level of control of the map topology view that lets you quickly reorganize topologies to understand relationships that might otherwise be difficult to comprehend in highly dynamic environments

application performance management

  • Alerting Defaults– Many APM users have a lower total cost of ownership because Differential Analysis can now be applied more pervasively than before, and still with no configuration required.


  • UIM Alert Action– UIM and APM joint customers have an easy way to pass APM alerts to UIM.  The new alert action is right in the dropdown menu of WebView, no separate install required.


  • Agent Updates:
    • .NET Agent– Full browser agent support, including automatic injection and integration with Application Experience Analytics, is included along with enhanced transaction tracing and .NET framework support.
    • PHP Agent – Enhanced discovery and monitoring of front-end URLs and MySQL back-ends, plus additional version support and installer enhancements
    • Node.js Agent– Additional Node.js runtime metrics and enhanced MongoDB and Mongoose support
    • Browser Agent– Reduced application cookie usage by utilizing HTTP headers to return data where applicable.  APM now sends useful information back to the browser itself, like host, process, servlet, agent, webapp, and userid.  With this additional context, the AXA Data Studio can create even better reports.
    • APM Infrastructure agent – gathers deep host metrics such as hypervisor, VM, CPU, memory, disk and network, allowing additional infrastructure type layers to be added to the topology. CA expertise and IP around infrastructure monitoring allows us to provide a deeper level of insights than most of the APM vendors.  Users can quickly drill through the layers of application and infrastructure to see how infrastructure performance might be impacting application and user experience.
  • Docker Monitoring– provides insights into application and host-level performance of Dockerized applications. Monitor Docker containers without agents in each container, topology of inter-container relationships, correlation from container to app CA APM employs a radical, future-proofing approach to managing containerized systems. Fundamental to this approach is fast, simplified configuration and visibility into modern system complexity, especially – microservice interdependencies and communication flows.

Docker Monitoring

  • OpenShift & Kubernetes Monitoring – support for agentless monitoring of OpenShift and Kubernetes


  • Omnichannel Customer ID Fingerprint – Users can define for mobile and browser a CustomerID which persists across the different channels to the application or systems. This enables the ability to search for a specific user session in CA App Experience Analytics gaining Omnichannel user journey analytics. This allows the app owner to answer some key questions like show me all of “John Smith’s” sessions across mobile or web interactions.


  • Custom Metrics for Browserbased Apps – Users can now feed user and runtime business metrics alongside the events collected by CA App Experience Analytics. For example, a shopping cart value or user grouping can be fed to the data lake for a business data reporting using the Data Studio. With custom and business level metrics fed alongside the real user experience events, CA App Experience Analytics allows the app owner to gain a business perspective of user interactions or the impact of performance issues.


  • JavaScript Error Reporting – This feature helps you understand how many unique “fingerprints” (devices or browsers) are impacted by each error type. When combined with the omnichannel correlation this feature is further amplified to show how many unique users are affected by JavaScript problems. JavaScript errors are tied to business transactions. This feature also benefits hybrid mobile apps. Fingerprinting (knowing when a user comes back) can tie directly to a user, helping prioritize impact. In other words, you know how many unique users are affected by each error.


  • Added Single Page App and Xamarin Support


 SaaS Application Performance Management

  • Simplified onboarding and configuration (e.g. start monitoring your applications and infrastructure in less than 5 minutes)
  • Simplified agent/probe/relay hub download and install (included in the 5 minutes onboarding time window) application performance management
  • New Transaction Traces View – Drill down into the transaction traces in a single view
  • Cross-tier correlation across user experience, application and infrastructure uses an operational data lake based on open technologies such as ElasticSearch

application monitoring


CA Digital Experience Insights


Newly release this year was CA Digital Experience Insights a SaaS-based digital operations monitoring and analytics solution. CA Digital Experience Insights offers an integrated set of end user analytics (app experience analytics), application performance management (APM), and infrastructure management services to provide a holistic view user experience, business transactions, and digital infrastructure quality of service.

To experience the latest innovations, sign up for a free 30-day trial of Digital Experience Insights where you will gain immediate access to App Experience Analytics, Application Performance Management and Infrastructure Management.


Interested in learning more? Join us 10/4 for a live demo, What’s New in CA APM.