Strategic Roadmaps Support Value-Oriented Decision Making: Strategic Business Roadmapping Part 2

In our last blog in this series, we discussed using business roadmapping to improve strategy execution. In part two, we’ll...
by James Tisch
August 3, 2018

The Strategic Realization Office: Innovation’s New Best Friend

Organizations today must do more than execute on strategy—they must focus on continuous innovation. That’s leading progressive organizations to rethink...
by James Tisch
August 2, 2018

Effective Strategy Execution Begins With Business Roadmapping

The advent of digital business has shortened the timing horizon for all aspects of running a business.  New, improved products...
by Donna Fitzgerald
March 12, 2018

The modern PMO nurtures an entrepreneurial culture

Part five of “The Five Pillars of the Modern PMO” blog series Did you ever hear the phrase “Good ideas...
by James Tisch
January 8, 2018

Modern Business Management: The Skills You Need

Modern business management is an evolution of how organizations deliver on strategy. It follows that the skills organizations need to...
by Andy Jordan
January 8, 2018

CA Product

CA Project and Portfolio Management

When your people are engaged, your projects really move.

The Modern Business Management Environment: Operating at the Speed of Business

Modern business management is more than a concept, it’s an integrated approach to everything an organization does—and that requires an...
by Andy Jordan
December 7, 2017

The modern PMO delivers value through focus and alignment

Part four of “The Five Pillars of the Modern PMO” blog series As organizations struggle to more rapidly respond to...
by James Tisch
November 24, 2017

Modern Business Management: Managing Reality

Modern business management can only succeed if it has a full and timely understanding of what’s happening at the front...
by Andy Jordan
October 19, 2017