It's All About Product, Not Project, Management

Product portfolios is the talk of the town. While the concept isn’t new, increasing attention is paid to how we...
by Marla Schimke
April 4, 2019

PPM 101: Project Finances Made Easy

It’s not easy running project finances, with all the requests for reports, limited insight into work and contending priorities in the portfolio....
by Andy Jordan
February 20, 2019

What's So Different with Your PPM?

If you’re reading this you’re interested in PPM. You may have a solution already, or you may be looking to...
by Andy Jordan
February 14, 2019

Accelerating the Speed of Innovation

In a recent study, McKinsey found that 84 percent of executives thought innovation was an important part of their growth strategy, but...
by Andy Jordan
February 12, 2019

PPM 101: Resource Management Made Easy

We recently published an eBook that looked at some of the challenges faced by resource owners when working in projects today. Building...
by Andy Jordan
February 7, 2019

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Clarity PPM

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PPM 101: Project Management Made Easy

Multiple project tools, manual tasks and a never-ending demand for status reports are but a few of the many pains and aches of a...
by Andy Jordan
February 6, 2019

15 Project Portfolio Management Features Designed to Help Your Key Business Initiatives Succeed: Part 3

The third of a three-part series on how CA PPM helps businesses solve their most pressing issues with project portfolio...
by James Tisch
October 7, 2018

Two Key Tools for the Strategic Realization Office (SRO)

To deliver strategy effectively, the strategic realization office, or SRO, needs to leverage two separate but closely related disciplines. In...
by Andy Jordan
August 29, 2018