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CA Agile Coaching

CA Agile Coaching supports your teams and programs as you learn and build an agile business. CA Agile Consultants have worked with more than 1,000 companies to help their delivery groups successfully adopt agile methods. Take advantage of CA Agile Coaching to navigate challenges with experts at your side, gain the collective wisdom of all our consultants who discuss and brainstorm solutions to your challenges and amplify your agile training as you apply it to your company’s real-world situations.

Business Challenges

The practices and techniques of lightweight, agile methodologies are relatively simple, yet they can be difficult to master and adopt for individuals, teams, programs and whole businesses. Once you’ve created a cross-functional team and taught them the basics, are they agile experts? How long will they slow down to speed up while trying to get the hang of new techniques?

Key Outcomes

  • Deliver high-value, high-quality products and services that your customers want 
  • Make critical decisions quickly to avoid common failure patterns in large enterprise agile adoptions 
  • Achieve the performance, visibility and predictability to make more informed decisions 
  • Adapt to change and more effectively navigate fiercely competitive markets

Key Service Features

  • Align strategy and development 
  • Adopt agile methods at the team level, in context with your real work and unique environment
  • Scale agile practices successfully to the program level
  • Reallocate resources to maximize portfolio growth

Offering Overview

Accelerate the positive results of agile methods with coaching. We’ll facilitate, mentor and guide you through your real work. CA Agile Consultants support your teams at key moments to help them through agile ceremonies, answer perplexing questions about applying agile techniques in your unique environment and model the servant leadership and agile mindset that will propel the team to excellence. Teams learn how to deliver high-value, running, tested features in short increments while providing the performance, visibility and predictability that helps leadership steer based on results.

Get expert advice as you perform real work. Either at your location or remotely, our consultants can coach and facilitate your teams, programs, PMO or other group. Companies engage us to:

• Plan agile adoption for small groups

• Plan, guide and co-facilitate team, program and portfolio ceremonies

• Improve agile practices and collaboration for individuals, teams and programs

• Mentor team leaders in facilitation and servant leadership

• Configure CA Agile Central, and use the platform to make decisions and improvements

• Prepare for on-site events

• Coach on technical practices

• Develop custom training courses

Scale agile practices to the program level. When scaling coordinated teams in an agile program, coaching becomes even more important. After all, you’re gathering 50 to 100 people to plan and deliver the software that serves your customers and runs your business. Models like the Scaled Agile Framework provide a starting point and experienced consultants make them work in the real world. A seasoned coach can help you make critical decisions quickly so that you avoid the failure patterns we’ve seen again and again in large enterprise agile adoptions. Even when you begin with a framework, there are many process and project decisions to make. Some have a better practice to adopt and some are best made by you, as an expert in your own business. A good coach will help you sort out those decisions with minimal risk.

Align strategy and execution. Is everyone building the right things? Your success and customer satisfaction depend on it. CA Agile Coaching helps you design an agile portfolio management process supported by CA Agile Central. So you can continuously track and prioritize work according to its value and ability to advance your strategy, reallocate development resources to maximize portfolio growth, and align strategy and development to ensure releases deliver the most valuable features in your roadmap.