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CA Unified Infrastructure Management Snap

La gestión de infraestructuras de TI está cambiando. ¿Y sus herramientas de monitorización?

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Optimización de la eficiencia operacional.

Elimina las complicaciones y los gastos ligados a la integración y la gestión de diferentes herramientas de control puntuales.

Detección y corrección más rápidas de los problemas.

Los cuadros de mandos, las alarmas y los flujos de trabajo dirigidos le ayudan a identificar y resolver los problemas rápidamente.

Rentabilice rápidamente.

Descargue, implemente y controle sus sistemas más importantes, y genere informes de ellos en solo una hora.

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Unified solution

The free network monitoring software is a single, unified solution that monitors the performance and availability of your critical IT systems and network devices and provides comprehensive coverage of the metrics that matter.

Superior user experience

Features like auto-discovery, automatic monitoring, best practice thresholds and a directed user experience help you to quickly and successfully deploy CA UIM Snap and use it effectively in your IT environment.

Unlimited monitoring

Monitor as many metrics as you want on 30 devices for free.

Intuitive reporting

Intuitive dashboards and sophisticated reporting help you find and fix problems faster. And keep the bosses happy with executive-level views and scheduled reports.

Información técnica


This solution supports Microsoft® Windows, MS-SQL Server, MySQL Server, Oracle, Linux®, and Solaris.

Platform and Migration

This free network monitoring software requires Oracle, MS SQL Server or MySQL.


What sets the free network monitoring software apart from the pack?


Message Bus Architecture 


Body: Need customization or scalability but concerned about the added cost?  This free network monitoring software uses message bus architecture at its core, enhancing scalability. The message bus, as a logical entity, effectively has no limits to scalability. The scale limits that do exist are more related to the database insertion rates, not the message bus itself.         


No Heavy Scripting Required


CA UIM Snap do not require heavy scripting for unique devices. Its probes come out-of- the-box and is easy to deploy without extensive customer script writing required. This free network monitoring software has one of the largest number of probes available and continues to release new probes so you can avoid custom scripting.


One Platform, Many Monitoring Capabilities


CA UIM doesn’t have to rely heavily on partners to complete actual diagnostics, troubleshooting and performance management. This free network monitoring software has all of its IT management and network monitoring capabilities in a single, unified platform.

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