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Network Monitoring Solutions from CA Technologies

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The network is critical to the backbone of all companies. Network teams are under enormous pressure to have their networks flow as seamlessly as electricity.

CA Technologies is a leader in Network Monitoring from the traditional legacy network devices to virtualized and cloud networks. Discover how network monitoring tools from CA can help you move from reactive to preemptive network monitoring.

Performance Monitoring

A new complexity is inherent in modern networks built across numerous technology stacks and traditional monitoring is no longer adequate to guarantee service delivery.Comprehensive network performance monitoring along with advanced analytics and scale is needed to meet the monitoring needs of new, complex and highly dynamic modern networks.

Event and Fault Management 

To stay abreast of your network and mitigate potential outages, you need a high-end network root-cause analysis that can silence all the network alarm noise, pin point the areas to focus and tie the business services to the underlying infrastructure to understand the affected business.

SDN/Cloud Management

SDN enables cloud networks to expand and contract dynamically based on application demand and makes traditional monitoring much more challenging. Network monitoring tools should capture the dynamic relationships introduced by modern networks in real-time and visualize their dependencies in application and service chain build block views; enabling operational insight for network teams.

Unnecessary traffic could compromise mission-critical applications.

Traffic Analysis

The traffic analysis solution must provide real-time visibility to the traffic throughout your network, which impacts how business-critical applications perform. Network flow data can identify the applications and infrastructure that consume the most bandwidth over time, which assist network teams in anticipating network growth and future network and infrastructure capacity requirements.

Enable faster fault domain isolation and problem triage.

Application Response

Application response analysis segments response time by the network, server and application tiers to identify areas of change, so you can rapidly troubleshoot network performance bottlenecks and maintain application performance. To do this, you need automated processes to measure and analyze application performance for all TCP/IP transactions.

Link UC and network metrics for a comprehensive picture of services.

VoIP and Video

Proactive monitoring of latency, jitter and packet loss for VoIP and video communications is key to network monitoring as it is often the first indicator of communications network problems.

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