This is the Application Economy.

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It’s a whole new world.

And to succeed in it, you need the end-to-end tools and expertise only CA provides. We’ll help you become more agile. More secure. More able to rapidly develop the apps that deliver amazing customer experiences.

So, welcome. Let us show you around.

According to Oxford Economics, 78% of enterprises believe software-driven business models will be a critical driver of competitive advantage in the next three years.

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Applications are the face of your business.

In the Application Economy, every business is in the software business. Which means your success depends on delivering applications that delight your users...every time. CA has helped thousands of companies adapt and thrive in this new reality. We look forward to doing the same for you.

In the Application Economy, no one runs alone.


The race is on…your phone.

The CNN Politics app—built with CA Technologies—is the data-driven election destination that puts power in the hands of the people. Now, with just a swipe, voters can go beyond the numbers to see real-time trends, breaking stories and expert analysis. See how this innovative app was developed…and what it means.

Customer loyalty is earned in seconds.

Today, 25 percent of users will abandon an app after just a three-second delay. Earn their loyalty with a seamless experience across every device. When you start with the end user, you’ll be the app that sticks around.

Keep your apps healthy and your business thriving.

Find and fix errors before they affect your customers with performance
monitoring solutions from CA. With 360-degree visibility across your entire app
delivery chain, it’s easier to keep your apps up and running.

Scaling Smartly to Grow Quickly

Why Everyone Needs to Own Customer Experience in the Application Economy

Boost visibility and productivity.

Make a great customer experience a competitive advantage.

Get 360-degree visibility into systems and infrastructure performance.

Agile firms grow revenue 37% faster¹. We can help you become agile faster.

Plan and prioritize. Build nimble teams that can innovate and rapidly adapt. And align execution with strategy to deliver faster results and higher returns. It’s easy when you’re agile.

1. Source: MIT Sloan

Your Agility journey starts here.

Agile is more than a method, it’s a mindset. Our industry-leading tools and
coaching will help you successfully adopt, implement and leverage agile practices. And
empower your teams to make a real difference.

How does agility make for winning teams?

Business Agility Survival Guide

Agile tools for a total advantage.

Improve employee engagement

Keep your teams connected

Amazing connections begin with APIs.

As the building blocks of application development, APIs help you deliver winning app performance—quickly, securely, and consistently. Accelerate your development with API Management solutions from CA. 

Build better, faster.

Be faster to market with applications that deliver consistently amazing customer
experiences—from the Web to mobile to IoT. All while leveraging legacy data
sources to cuts costs and complexity.

API Management: Managing APIs to Maximize Value

API Monetization: Unlocking the Value of Your Data

API solutions from A to Z.

Get developers deployed faster

Create APIs quickly from existing data sources

Open and integrate your data

Security that opens doors and shuts down threats.

Identity-centric security solutions from CA let the right people access the right data—while still protecting you against internal threats and external attacks. You’ll not only prevent costly breaches, you’ll propel your business through increased speed, collaboration and customer loyalty.

Protect and enable your business.

Increase your value, not your vulnerability. CA security solutions provide frictionless access, while protecting your assets from theft and harm. Because security is no longer a lock, it’s the key.

Leverage Security for Protection and Profit 

Breaking the Kill Chain

Advanced security from the inside out.

Prevent breaches and protect data at all access points 

Provide a hassle-free shopping experience across devices 

Protect users with powerful, multi-factor authentication 

Every day, we help our customers move their business forward.

IceMobile Cuts Rollout Times with CA API Gateway

Swisscom Gives TV Viewers Something New to Watch

Acciona Strengthens Security and Compliance with CA Identity Manager and CA Identity Governance

Leadership in the World’s App Economy.

See how the app economy comes to life around the world in “Crystal Balls: Startups and the Future of the App Economy.”

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