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30 et 31 janvier 2018

Mardi 30 janvier

  • “API Continuous testing” – Bilel Sfaxi et Alfred Owona, CA Technologies

API testing is complex as we face multiple challenges such as use cases proliferation, asynchronous/synchronous processes, access to dependent systems, versioning … An automated testing approach, at each stage of the API lifecycle, is required to introduce the necessary rigor and support a scalable testing framework that can keep up with the pace of change. See how CA delivers solutions enabling your teams to automate API tests and incorporate them into a continuous delivery cycle.

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  • “IT Digitalization with APIs” - Ibrahima Ndiaye, Nicolas Dréno, Thierry Michel, Engie

ENGIE B2C division will explain us how the evolution of their IT system through “API & Data oriented architecture” will help them value their data, improve their use and accelerate innovation cycles.
This project aims to allow them:

To have a 360° vision of their customers and so propose an optimized omnichannel experience
To generate new revenue streams through Digital Channel and Value-added Services

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  • “Elevate Your Digital Strategy with Full Lifecycle API Management” – Mos Amokhtari, CA Technologies

To paraphrase Mark Andreessen, after Software, APIs are eating the world and therefore becoming vital tools for business growth and technological agility.Consequently, a modern software factory has become critical to develop robust and concrete APIs but also manage their lives from creation to retirement.Joins us to go through the key steps of the API Lifecycle Management and build APIs for success

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Mercredi 31 janvier

  • "Instant Payments, Open Banking and PSD2 : Challenges and solutions" - Loic de Kergommaux et Jean-François Delorme, DXC - Marie-Benoîte Chesnais, CA Technologies

The combination of PSD2 and Instant Payments will cause a quick and dramatic change in the payments value chain, redefining what business models are profitable and what customers expect from their banks. New payment micro-services will appear and make it possible to create new offerings by assembling these services.

To transform into ‘Open API Banks’ of the future, banks will have to support an Instant Payments / Open API end-to-end architecture alongside cumbersome, legacy infrastructure. But how do banks plan for this? How to adapt IT to secure a sustainable market position? How to assemble and test new services to be launched? During this presentation, we will briefly do a state of the art from business and technical point of views. We will then demonstrate an Instant Payment service and an API approach of the open banking.”

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