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How Rally Software® Works

Rally (formerly CA Agile Central) 

Connect strategy with execution and scale agile across your business with the industry’s only purpose-built agile platform.

You probably already know about agile. But do you know how Rally (formerly CA Agile Central) supports agile? Our technology supports agile and agile transformations—from a market-leading platform to comprehensive services for every phase of your journey.


Align on company, team, customer needs and work.

Big Room Planning is where people come together to plan the release. All teams meet to make sure that the work aligns with the company’s strategic goals and customer needs. In Big Room Planning, teams identify the work to be done, dependencies and challenges, so that all involved can commit to doing the work.

CA Agile Central portfolio items hierarchy

In Big Room Planning, you need a way to track your backlog, or the work that you want to accomplish. A good place to start is by entering your work into our Portfolio Items Hierarchy page. Here you see a current list of work to be done, how user stories align to features and initiatives, as well as, real-time progress on your most important business priorities. This view also provides a glimpse at completed work and how the work is flowing through the teams. This page is ideal for leadership needing a quick snapshot into work status.

Capacity Planning:
Create better plans, faster.

Capacity Planning allows you to see how your highest business priorities stack up against the capacity of your teams—helping you balance work allocations and team delivery. Leaders get realistic options for optimizing value while accounting for teams' actual capacity—taking the emotions out of it.

Sizing the work that your team can realistically accomplish can be challenging. To understand how to improve your accuracy, view video #2 in this series:  “How to do Agile Sizing and Estimating”

CA Agile Central capacity planning


Take planning to the next, more granular, level.

After you’ve established the work to be done and estimated capacity needed, teams break down features into stories and plan them into (typically) two-week iterations/sprints. They then identify dependencies and risks to produce an actionable release plan that delivers optimum customer value within a realistic, obtainable and achievable timeframe and scope—one everyone can commit to.

CA Agile Central team planning

The Team Planning feature provides needed visibility into prioritized features and takes the guesswork out of planning.  This allows teams to commit to the work they will be doing and ensures the work will be done.

Release Tracking:
Drill into bottlenecks, steer to completion.

The Release Tracking feature allows teams and team leaders to keep their finger of the pulse of their work without unpleasant surprises. Program managers, product managers and product owners can see progress at a glance, identify and drill into problem areas and guide efforts to ensure delivery success.

View video #4 is this series to learn How to do Agile Release Planning    

CA Agile Central release tracking

Work Views:
Access work across multiple teams.

Rally's Work Views feature allows users to manage the work for one or many teams on one page. With this feature, teams, product managers and product owners can find work faster and easier; work with backlogs across multiple teams; see and save a single view of all work, within one or multiple teams.

To understand what Product Owners need to do their jobs, view video #4 in this series: The Role of the Agile Product Owner.

CA Agile Central work views

Team Board:
Flow work through all teams—regardless of methodology.

Team Board makes it easier for teams to get started—without admin assistance. It enables organizations at scale to see data from all their teams, not just Scrum teams. Team Board works equally well for Scrum or Kanban because it allows for flexibility of process at the team level, while ensuring visibility and alignment at the enterprise level.  By providing this visibility and strategic and strategic alignment, teams and leaders know what is being worked on at all times. 

Check out our video “How to Build a Culture of Collaboration Across Agile Teams” to learn more about establishing productive teams.

CA Agile Central team board

Need help? Let me guide your team through your agile journey.


Rally can support your agile journey—regardless of methodology or framework.

Not all agile teams are created equally and not all people work the same way. And not all agile teams follow the same process, guidelines or frameworks. That’s why Rally is designed to support teams regardless of what type of methodology or framework they use, such as: Scrum, Lean, Kanban or SAFe.

CA Agile Central personalized navigation

Rally's Personalized Navigation helps shorten the path between you and the task you’re trying to complete by making your most-used views easy to find and use, moving rarely used views to the background. It allows team members to access the pages they work on most. You could even have all team members set up with the same favorite pages.  

Drill into bottlenecks, steer to completion

Custom dashboards allow you to see the analytics that matter most to you. Rally provides dashboards based on your role as well as dashboards that show Dependency Status and that can be used for Team Retrospectives.  

Check out the courses offered by CA Agile Academy to learn how you can become a SAFe® certified Product Manager/Product Owner 

CA Agile Central Tour: Dashboards


CA Agility Services: Get more value from the alignment between your people, processes, data and technology.

When you couple the power of Rally with the transformation consulting, education and training provided by CA Agility Services, you build the foundation for a transformative and adaptive enterprise that is nimble enough to adapt to whatever the market throws at it.

CA Services follows an approach that focuses on helping you achieve your desired business outcomes. Leveraging our expertise and best practices, we’ll work with you to align project goals to the outcomes of greatest value and priority to your organization    

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We guide teams at all stages of their agile journeys to attain self-reliant agility.

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